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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


Craft Rage

My name is Rachelle, and I have moderate Craft Rage. I'm 34 years old, and I have a fully equipped craft room, in which I can sew, knit, scrapbook, or make paper, among other things. What I usually end up doing, though, is cursing under my breath and trying not to trim off the tips of my fingers with my rotary cutter, then pouring myself a Bailey's and coffee and going to my office to read other people's blogs.

Why do I have Craft Rage? Well, most of my craft rage comes from my complete inability to finish one project before moving to the next. I have eight or nine things on the go RIGHT NOW, and a million ideas for other projects I want to start right away!

The reason I never finish anything is because I have a complete lack of technical skills, combined with a strong desire to teach myself everything, instead of acquiring any of the skills I need through traditional methods like classes. 100% of my craft rage is my own fault. It's not because I lack a sense of style - it's because I know that the smartest thing to do is to get lessons, use a pattern, count stitches, measure carefully, etc. But I seldom do any of those things. I tend to "wing it" a lot. I'm a fan of figuring things out for myself, either through trial and error, library books, or by reading blogs.

Exacerbating the problem is my "crap sieve" - that's the filter between my brain and my hands, where perfectly good ideas turn into junk that a three-year-old would be ashamed to claim as her own. Sometimes I start out fine, and everything is going along wonderfully, when suddenly, without warning, my crap sieve kicks in, and I awake ten minutes later to find myself in the midst of gluing glitter macaroni to the hem of the dress I was working on.

And lastly, the other reason I have craft rage is because my craft room is constantly buried under nine feet of crap that doesn't belong there. I'm going to fix this today, come hell or high water. Pictures to follow!

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