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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


Packed full of whimsy

Okay, I said I was baaaaack, but I know it appears otherwise. In reality, I am more back than you think. Worst grammar ever, but just play along with me, here.

Since I cleaned up my craft/sewing room, I've been going like a madwoman. I've made a pair of shorts, a necklace/bracelet/earrings combo, and am halfway through a reversible dress that I'm making without the benefit of a pattern, but rather from a picture in my head.

I've hauled out my papermaking supplies, my corsetmaking supplies, and my scrapbooking supplies, did a little bit of preliminary work on each, and then stacked them neatly so that when I'm ready to do a few more minutes, I can easily get to what I need.

I've been learning how to use my new camera, teaching myself how to really understand the whole f-stop thing. Seriously; I can do complex corporate bookkeeping, but for some reason, I can't figure out how to take a properly focused picture, even though my camera has a higher IQ than I do.

In short, I've been on a roll, creatively, and have found it difficult to stop and take a breath so that I can write about it.

Stay tuned; tonight I'll post some pictures!


I'm Ba-aa-aa-ck!

This blog isn't ALL about my crafts, but honestly, when I don't have the opportunity to be creative, I find it really hard to blog about ANYTHING. Since Christmas, my mojo has been missing, not because I haven't been feeling creative, but because my craft room / sewing room has been looking like this;

I wish I could explain how this happened, but I just can't. Well, except I can explain the dog and cat food; we bought bags larger than our storage containers, so what the heck; excess pet food obviously belongs in Rachelle's craft room, right? Thanks, Hotness. :P Unfortunately, I can't really blame him for anything else in there.

As the picture says, that was the room on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon (yes, a full day and a half later!!), this is what it looks like;

I noticed a couple of things while I was cleaning out my sewing room. First, I have a nasty habit of buying a minimum of 8 metres of every fabric I purchase. I'm not sure why this is; I'm a large woman, but other than my wedding dress, nothing I make for myself REQUIRES 8m of fabric. I'm not complaining or anything; the extra fabric gives me a bit of wiggle room when I'm working on a project; at least I know I won't run out of anything.

Second, I noticed that my sewing room chair, a full-sized manager's office chair, is completely inappropriate for sewing. Not only is it oversized for the room, but the huge armrests are ALWAYS in the way. So for now, I'm on a folding chair, which is proving to be surprisingly comfortable, and I've been sewing like a fiend for the past few days! I made Pepper a new dog bed for her crate, as well as a pair of shorts for our upcoming trip to Mexico. I'll show those in my next post.

Third, I noticed that I need to keep better track of the Christmas gifts I buy; as I excavated the room, I came up with a few gifts for The Hotness, which I'd purchased, forgotten, and then piled stuff on top of. I should have told him they were Valentines Day gifts, but I'm just not a very good liar.