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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


I'm a married lady!

My last post was Feb 25 of this year, and I was all "I'm back, and I'm going to post every single day!"

On May 22nd, I had an epiphany. My wedding date was August 15th, and I had NOTHING done. NOTHING.

Now granted, The Hotness and I were aiming for a small, backyard ceremony, with very few guests, but when May 22nd rolled around and I realized that I had NO plans at all, I figured it was time to get rolling.

If you're still out there, Dear Reader, stay tuned; I'll be back with photos and embarrassing stories shortly!


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Blogger laura Says:

I wondered where the heck you were! Congratulations! I too am engaged and in the far future we plan a very small 'do'! And it WILL BE VERY SMALL!! As in me, the groom, and the JP! Please post some pictures and start blogging again!

Blogger Paula Says:

She lives! Congratulations! Looking forward to photos, info, updates on pets, etc.! Yeah!

Blogger gaylen Says:

Congratulations! I was missing your crazy humor. g

Blogger Karen Says:

We'll expect to hear all about it in another 6 months!

Welcome back.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


I have just read your entire blog and it was a fantastic read I blurted all kinds of juice over the laptop when reading about your mishaps! Congratulations on your marriage - I hope it will be a long and happy partnership.

Please stroke Pepper for me. And the cats. And The Hotness!


Blogger Kristin Says:

PLEASE return to your blog and favor us with your humor. You are missed. :-)

Blogger Nähfreundin Says:

What a chance! I married also on the 22nd of May 2010.



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