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Oh dog, my dog

For your viewing pleasure, I'm presenting an art installation which I like to call "Thirty Seconds Alone With The Dog."

The pair on the top were The Hotness' brand new, $200.00 fancy glasses, which he spent an hour and forty minutes picking out.

The pair on the bottom were my brand new, $8.00 cheapo glasses from Zenni Optical, which I learned about on Cidell's blog ages ago, but only worked up the courage to try recently.

Though officially We Are Not Pleased about the chewing, I'm actually secretly relieved about the green Zenni pair; they were very comfortable, but the colors looked HORRIBLE on me, and let's face it, now I get have to order more glasses, and really, what's the point of only ordering one pair? Might as well get three or four!

I currently have six or seven pairs from Zenni, including two pairs of prescription sunglasses, and I'm not entirely certain that I've spent more than $100.00 yet.

I heart cheap glasses. Thanks for the great shopping tip, Cidell!



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Blogger Sara Says:

I would love to get cheap glasses, but my eyes are so bad that I have to have special ones made so they don't weigh like 10 pounds!

But I do like the green frames.

Blogger Karen Says:

But the puppy was just hungry!

I've bought from Zenni, too, thanks to Cidell. Great stuff, and you only feel so bad when you sit on your glasses - or the dog eats them.

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award.


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