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Craft Rage

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Kind of lost

I have all the pieces cut out for two test dresses, but I just can't seem to get it together. Mentally, I mean.

Several times this weekend, I sat in my sewing room, looking at all the carefully folded stacks of pieces, in two colors of taffeta, and got intimidated.

I don't know why it just happened now. Why NOW? The hard part is over. Granted, I made it up as I went along, but all the seams are measured and double-measured, and will match up fine; all I need to do is sew everything together and try it on, and make adjustments if necessary.

I know that part of it is the fact that I can't keep my needle from railroading my taffeta like crazy. I can't seem to find microtex needles in any of the local sewing stores, although I have one more to check this afternoon.

These are only test dresses, and I really shouldn't spend so much time worrying about a defect that nobody will ever see, but still; if I can't keep THIS taffeta from railroading, what's to say I'm going to be able to keep the fabric of my ACTUAL dress from doing the same? Part of this whole test thing is not only to test the pattern pieces, but also my equipment.

Gah! I'm not really a person who spends a great deal of time being full of angst and worry, so it's really frustrating to look at those two partly-finished garments and be unable to force myself to proceed. I actually sat at my sewing machine for TWO HOURS on Sunday, and didn't sew a stitch. I walked away and made lunch, then returned and sat for ANOTHER hour before I finally picked up a pair of dress pants that needed to be let down, and did that instead.

Sometimes I feel better after a good rant. Hopefully, this was it. Thanks for listening. Or whatever.

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Blogger gaylen Says:

Ya want I should mail you some microtext? I will. Just let me know - g


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