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My Hero

I've mentioned The Hotness before, right? My fiance, my ball and chain, the guy who makes those great handmade birthday cards?

Well, The Hotness is my hero. He's kind of like MacGuyver and Johnny Depp and Homer Simpson, all folded up into a neat little package.

Today, I rediscovered a facet of him that I see all the time, but never really take note of; his ability to communicate with absolutely anyone. Animal, child, adult, he can make himself understood, and he can AMUSE whoever he's communicating with.

We're lucky/unlucky enough to live near a city in western Canada with a very strong economy. Thus, our unemployment rates are very low, and many employers have worked with the federal government to bring short-term contract workers from other countries. Our city has large contingents of Ukrainian, Philippino, and Mexican workers, from all trades and walks of life. The Hotness happens to work for a company that's recently brought in some fellows from Mexico.

There are a large number of restrictions and rules on bringing in workers from out of the country, but the company The Hotness works for takes the position that a worker is a worker, regardless of where he or she is from, so the guys they bring in from Mexico make the same wage as the guys they hire locally. They get the same hourly rate, the same benefits, the same everything, which is pretty great.

What they're NOT required to do is hire guys who speak a lot of English, which you would think would be a problem. Not for The Hotness.

When the Mexicans got here back in May, he knew four words of Spanish. He knew how to say hello, goodbye, nap, and beer. These are the words he learned on our vacation to Mexico this past spring, which is probably obvious just by the words themselves.

He now knows about twenty words of Spanish. To the above repertoire, he's added;
"one" - the number of coffees he must order per man,
"two" - the number of donuts he must order each man,
"bathroom" - where the coffee will take them eventually,
"girl" - so he can point out the hot chick in the next car
"hot mama" - his name for me, like the feminine version of The Hotness

As well, they've taught him the slang terms for male and female genitalia, but he doesn't say those around me.

At any rate, The Hotness took me and two of his crew for lunch this afternoon, and with these few words, and an absolutely stunning ability to make up sign language as he goes along, he communicated effectively enough that he kept me and the two Mexican guys laughing all through the meal.

If they allowed Canadians to participate in The Amazing Race, The Hotness and I would totally win; I can read a map, and he can communicate with anyone.


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Blogger Kelly Says:

What a great story Rachelle! Thanks for sharing. You can so use my address in Alaska so you could be on The Amazing Race. Your man has quite a talent and I am sure that you would win.. People that can communicate with anyone are few and far between.


Blogger Paula Says:

What a great story! It's so wonderful and refreshing to read something positive about interacting with people from where-ever! How awesome that your guy is a role model for others!


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