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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


September Resolution: FAIL

About two weeks ago, I made a September resolution to keep my house clean enough that unexpected guests could swing by any time, and I wouldn't have to resort to a frenzy of shoving dirty dishes in the oven and discarded clothing behind the sofa last-minute cleaning, or else allow them to go home wondering why there was a bra-strap hanging out of the drawer in the sofa table.

Week one went very well. Week two was a little less than perfect, but not horrible. Week three is going to be a disaster, even though it's only Tuesday.

I blame it on sewing. And cats. And everything but my own laziness. I've been in my sewing room since this weekend, so while the laundry remains caught up (only because the washer and dryer are RIGHT THERE, and I needed to pre-wash some fabric anyway), the rest of the house looks...kinda shabby. I'd take pictures to show you, but if The Hotness were to ever find my blog and see that I've posted pictures of my mess, he might actually give me an old-fashioned shunning.

Since I didn't get any housekeeping done, (other than the dishes, which I did a very half-assed job of) I completed the first draft for both Big Dress skirts last night, just by pinning them to Clarice and adjusting, re-adjusting, and re-pinning. Tonight I'll sew them together and try them on - pictures to follow.


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Blogger Brooke Says:

I told my own version of The Hotness--known as The Boy--that because I am going crazy with sewing, all cleaning was his job until after the wedding. Which means....well, I just try not to look as I pass through on the way to the sewing room.
After the wedding, it may be easier to just move rather than catch up on the cleaning. A bulldozer may be involved :-)

Blogger Marjie Says:

The dirt will wait. The dress won't. I have little fingerprints on the mirrored wall in my dining room, because the dirt will wait, but the boys grow up.

Enjoy your dress journey.

Blogger Mrs. G. Says:

You just need to find friend like me who don't give a damn. What is the saying:

"A clean house is the sign of a wasted life."

Blogger Juliet Says:

Well, unexpected guests need to beware. If I know you're coming, I'll tidy the house up and remove any potentially embarrassing items out of the public areas of the house, I'll sweep up and if the dishes aren't done they will be rinsed and stacked neatly.
If I don't know you're coming, well, you'll just have to accept that I would rather fart around on the internet or read a book than make housework a priority :-)

I second Mrs. G: A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.


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