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Muslin frenzy

Now that I'm back on track, I feel almost a frenzy to get a couple of muslins turned out, to try them on.

In an effort to locate all my materials, I came across some fabric I didn't remember I had - does that ever happen to you? I have my stash pretty neatly organized, but all my taffeta is on it's original bolts, and all together on one shelf. I'd forgotten, however, that two of my seven colors weren't on bolts at all, but just folded bolt-width and tucked up there. When I pulled it down, wedged between the purple/gold and the red/black, I found...can you believe it... silver/gold.
Honestly, I have no recollection of buying this fabric at all; if I was one bit crazier, I'd think that fairies brought it to me. After all my hemming and hawing over color, NOW I find the fabric of my dreams, in my own stash!

Well, except that it's too small a piece; only 4 metres (4.4yds) of 60" fabric; it's just big enough for the fit-and-flare dress. Oh well, another project, maybe.

In other news, I actually HAVE a skirt pattern to match the ballgown skirt; it's this vintage Butterick pattern, B8017 with the same inverted pleats; I don't have the whole pattern scanned in, but this has been featured as one of my sidebar ladies, the images along the left side of my blog.

The placement of the pleats is a little off, but I think I like the idea of having a centre pleat, instead of the flat centre in the sample dress; it would give me a chance to tuck a bit of embroidery or something in that pleat, for interest.

Alternatively, the pattern will at least give me pattern pieces in the right shape, to start with; I can always tweak the pleat location once I've cut out the pieces.

And last but not least, I have a similar pattern for the fit-and-flare dress; it's Vogue 8828. I picked up this pattern in April or so, because I loved that silhouette even then, but really, this pattern isn't quite right. Again, I like the corset top, but the flare on this dress starts at about knee length, which is too mermaid-y for me; I prefer the flare to start around the upper thigh, instead.

At any rate, again, at least I have an idea how the pattern pieces should look; I made a few attempts yesterday, and while I ended up with the right general shape, the pattern pieces were small and pieced together to make the flare, rather than having the dramatic, seamless look that I was hoping for. Plus it was too short. And done in a green striped polyester fabric that I'm afraid to take pictures of, for fear that the memory card in my camera will melt in protest at the ugliness it's forced to witness. Still, I hope to knock off another try tonight; when I do, I'll take pictures!

Have a great day, y'all!


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Blogger melanie ajumma Says:

I have a suggestion/question: would it be possible to use the lovely "fairy" fabric for a part of one of your dresses? The bodice, perhaps or at least accents in the bodice?

The reason that I'm suggesting it is this: when I made my wedding dress, I had planned to use a simple pattern and go with one colour for the whole thing. My clever friend who sews more than I do suggested that I needed something to break it up. Now that the fairies have brought you some pretty fabric which pretty much fits the bill of what you're looking for, it might be a good excuse to use it in the dress.


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