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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


A Personal Cake Wreck

Okay, so it's either really sweet, or really creepy, but The Hotness and I don't exchange purchased greeting cards. You know, birthday cards, valentine's day, etc.

Instead, we exchange handmade cards, which are ostensibly made by the cats. Paw-made cards, as it were.

You may gag on the sweetness now.

Are you finished yet? Good.

So anyway, this started after we'd been together for just over a year. The Hotness is an incredibly hard worker, and though he makes a concerted effort to be home for special days, sometimes his work doesn't leave him enough time to shop.

Plus, when we first got together, we decided to exchange one piece of information about our ex that drove us mad. He said that if we made it to the point where marriage was an option, I was not, under any circumstances, allowed to take my engagement ring back to the store and exchange it for something else without at least warning him. I told him that I wasn't really a fan of purchased cards, and that honestly, I'd be perfectly comfortable with a hug instead. You see, my ex, for every single occasion, be it birthday, Christmas, whatever, would take me to Wal-Mart, stand me in the greeting card aisle, pick out a card, hand it to me, and say "There's your card. Read it and let's get out of here."

I'll pause for your laughter.

So anyway, as you might imagine, I developed a slight dislike for greeting cards.

For the first few special occasions, The Hotness gave me a purchased card, and I liked them, because I know he spent time actually picking them out - his family is VERY big into greeting cards for every occasion.

Then, he had to work on Mother's Day, and since I have no actual children, I didn't think anything of it. But that night, about a half hour after he got home, he presented me with the ugliest, most awesome card I've ever gotten, badly misspelled and partly shredded, but with pictures "drawn" by the "cats". I love using "air quotes" but it doesn't have the same effect on my blog as in person, where I get to use my fingers. Anyway, I LOVED that card, and still have it packed away.

Then, for my birthday that year, I got another handmade card, also "made" by the "cats", but also including a fairly fresh hairball. So fresh that it was still wet when it was placed in the card, and I had to pry the card open. I laughed for three days. What the hell, I'm STILL laughing!

From that point forward, all we ever exchanged were handmade cards, signed by whatever animals we have on hand. I give you exhibit A - pictures of my birthday card from back in August.

Normally, he's just plain better at this than I am.

Last May, however, I made an extra effort, and gave him a cake "decorated" by the "cats". Please picture the air quotes in your head.

He's a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, so I went online and found this picture of their helmet.

With this picture I made this;

Are you ready for it?

Keep scrolling - I want it to be a surprise!

One more little scroll! And don't forget, you can click on it to see it in all it's 1000px glory!


He was so happy and proud of me, he nearly cried.

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Blogger Brooke Says:

That is awesome! I get mother's day cards from the cats, but this trumps that by a longshot.

I may have to "borrow" the kitty made cake idea for The Boy's next birthday.

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Oh, have at it! Just...don't use the hairball idea on the cake.


Blogger Sara Says:

I love it!! That is so great! And while I am telling my hotness the story he is rolling his eyes! That makes it so special and I just love it!!!
And "air quotes" rock!!!

Blogger gaylen Says:

That is a fabulous cake! Loved the card - we often exchange cards from the dogs - although they are generally purchase, they are signed by the dogs. g

Blogger Juliet Says:

On my birthday and x-mas i get a
handmade card from my fiance and from the cat. The cards from the Shrieking Beastie are a lot like the cards you got from your cats. I don't like making cards, they would be minimalist (a piece of paper folded in half) but I do enjoy going out and finding the cheesiest and sappiest cards I can find.

I thought your helmet cake was really sweet. Awwww.

Blogger Deirdre Says:

I've recieved exactly one card, purchased or otherwise, from my husband. It was a birthday card.

On the outside, it said "I was going to buy you a totally useless gift for your birthday."

And on the inside: "But you already have a husband."


That man cracks me up.


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