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Craft Rage

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Yet another new look

Every three months or so, I get bored with looking at the same old blog. I've been purple, brown, pink, blue, and green, so I decided it was time to go with plain old white, but with editable elements.

I stumbled across this template at www.suckmylolly.com, which has a number of really great templates, many with a distinctly vintage feel. Yes, the name sounds vaguely dirty, but then, so was Bettie Page, and who doesn't love HER?

Anyway, this is actually a two-column template, but I added a third column so that I could house my Blogher ads without having them cut off. I couldn't see the cut off bits on my home computer, so when I was in town today, I stopped by a friend's place and checked my blog on her regular 19" monitor. Yikes!

My monitor here at home is a 22" widescreen, so I honestly had no idea what my blog looked like to someone with a regular ratio monitor; those of you whose eyes I've been hurting, please accept my sincere apologies for all the strange overlapping my old layout did. I loved the colors and the design, but it certainly wasn't made with smaller monitors in mind.

At any rate, now that I have this template, I think I'll be able to satisfy my need for change by simply changing the picture on the left, maybe by using artwork from some of my vintage patterns!

I'm going to go get dinner in the oven, and then get to work on my next quickie project; Dinger's collar is HUGE and bulky;

see? I've decided to disassemble it and use the metal bits on a new, more lightweight collar, which I've decided to make myself. I wonder if it's safe to use sequins on a cat collar? Would sequins emasculate my cat? I mean, it's not like he's going to have his boy-bits for much longer anyway, so what the hell, right?



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Blogger Marjie Says:

Dinger's looking cuter already! But wouldn't he try to eat the sequins?

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe metallic thread is the answer.

I always know fall is coming when I start feeling like I might expire if I don't surround myself with things that are sparkly.

Blogger jona Says:

I don't know about sequins for a boy cat. Since he'll be losing his manhood you might want to put spikes on his collar just to make him feel a little tougher (testosterone replacement therapy?).
I like the white background. Clean and easy to read (I can't stand over-jumbled pages).


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