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Craft Rage

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How many more times can I use "Eeeee!" as a post title?

Look what I got!!!

Eeeee! Squeee, even!

Summerset, who won my ruffler foot giveaway, sent me this postcard, along with a pretty little thank-you note.

It's lovely, and sparkly, and colorful, and is ten minutes from being framed and hung in my sewing room!

Summerset, thank you, thank you, thank you! If I had any actual skills at all, I'd make you a lovely, handmade gift in return, but I'm not sure that you'd have a whole lot of use for a glitter macaroni bracelet.

But really, thank you! It was a lovely surprise to run into on an already very nice Friday!

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Blogger Marjie Says:

"Glitter macaroni bracelet"? How many times are you going to crack me up? Almost as many times as you can use Eeeee! as a post title. Heck; it's your party, you can type Eeeee! if you want to

Blogger Summerset Says:

Glad you like it! It was my pleasure.


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