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I've gotten a great deal of beading and be-spangling done on the lace for the bodice of my wedding dress, and have come to a few preliminary conclusions.

One, I am a crow - shiny things make me very, very happy. This has led to a certain amount of possible overkill. I'm not totally sure, but I think I've just plain gone too far. I think I've gone from wedding sparkly to circus sparkly. I'll post a picture later, to illustrate my point.

And two, I've begun waffling on the color for my dress, so this all may be a terrible waste of time.

I saw some of this same kind of lace in a warm, non-sparkly gold, and I just happen to have a whole BUNCH of heavyweight, light gold, crepe-back satin in my stash. Gold is still a little nontraditional for a wedding dress, but it's much more traditional than, say, green. Plus, it's on sale, and I only need four metres of it. Well, three, really, but it's nice to have a bit extra.

Plus, I find myself further waffling over the dress itself.

My original plan was, in fact, to have two wedding dresses - one for the aisle, and one for the reception. The one I've been posting about was to be the reception dress.

Then, I decided that all I really want is one dress, and again, that's the one I've been making muslins for. But the thing is, all these stupid bridal magazines make me feel unsure of myself - like maybe I'm missing out if I don't have a giant poof of a dress.

Then, like a dork, I went and tried on a few poofy dresses, and man, did I LOVE swishing around in all that taffeta and crinoline. Since we're having an August wedding in a venue with no A/C, I wouldn't want to spend a bunch of time in such a large dress, but I do rather enjoy the idea of making a spectacle of myself that way.

Anyway, when the original plan was in effect, I bought a whole schwack of taffeta in a number of different colors, plus white, and a crinoline (well, hoop-skirt, actually), so I've got everything I need to MAKE two dresses. I also picked up a few patterns to choose from:

and even

although that last one, M5321, got pretty badly panned on PR. Plus, as you've probably noticed, I'm kind of a fan of a more vintage look, so that last one's probably out, though it's my mom's favorite.

Meh. It's unlike me to waffle around and be indecisive, particularly about clothing. I suppose there's a case to be made for the idea that it's normal to obsess a bit about a dress that will be forever immortalized in pictures, but really, if I'm going to worry about something, I should be worried about the size of my rear end. Strangely, all I seem to care about is the dress.

I guess the best way to answer this question is to make a muslin of the poofy dress - if I do it and hate it, then I won't have to duplicate it. If I do it and I love it, then I guess I'm going back to plan A - two dresses.



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Blogger Moxie Tonic Says:

I adore the vintage vogue pattern!
I decided that I had to be all cool and sophisticated when I got married; no puffy dress for me, I had to be the modern woman who has more important things on her mind than silly wedding dresses (ditto for the veil).
My dress was an empire waist with a long, straight skirt - the effect was very elegant and I look incredibly statuesque in the photos, but then I attended my cousin's wedding. She wore the most amazing confection of fluff, and I was jealous beyond belief. I mean, when am I ever going to have a socially acceptable opportunity to wear something like that again?!?!
I wish it had occurred to me to do the two dress thing. Big, princess dress for the wedding and the other for the reception... C'est la vie!
There aren't any right or wrong answers, but go for the big dress if you think you may have any regrets later on about it.

Blogger Marjie Says:

I like the Butterick pattern better than the Vogue. It's a little less fluff around the waist, but plenty of fluff at the hem, and no one needs extra fabric at the waist...

Hell, no one was even at my wedding except me and hubby, and I wore fluff anyway. Ya gotta have fluff and frills.

Blogger melanie ajumma Says:

I love the butterick one and I think it'll will be a perfect wedding dress. Two dresses? That's pure GENIUS! GENIUS!


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