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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


Eeee! It's baaaaack!

It's been a little while since I posted - my apologies. I've been in hand-beading hell, and trust me, that's not a good place for a clumsy accountant.

I've caught myself counting the f-ing sequins as I attach them, and from my calculations, each sequin itself costs .001 cents (yes, that's one hundredth of a cent), and the time to attach each sequin, at my regular hourly rate, costs about 52 cents, both because I am slow AND because I am expensive.

I've figured out that by the time I'm done beading the fabric for the bodice, I will have invested $2.00 in sequins, $8.00 in Swarovski crystals (thank you, Ebay!) and other beads, and $6000.00 of my time. I will have also lost two pints of blood, and most of my sanity. Needle, meet fingertip. Needle, meet fingertip. Needle, meet fingertip. Why don't you two get a room, already!

Is it still called finger puppets if there are no actual puppets on the ends of your fingers? Is it wrong that I have different voices for the index fingers of each hand? Is it wrong that one of those fingers swears in Japanese, which I'm pretty sure I personally never learned? The other one appears to be Mr. Spock, so it doesn't swear much at all, but have you ever seen a finger try to raise a disbelieving eyebrow?

Oh, sweet sanity, how I miss thee!

I've made a few other garage sale scores, which I'll post in detail about later (I know, will you be able to sleep tonight, knowing that I've bought more vintage patterns but haven't told you which ones?) but for now, I'll just say this; remember the giveaway a couple of months back? Where I gave away a ruffler foot because I had four of them, and four is too many?

Well apparently, God or the universe, or fate, intends me to own four ruffler feet, because I bought another box of antique Singer attachments sight unseen - the lady told me I could have the box for $2.00, but only if I didn't open it first - and lo and behold, there was another ruffler foot, in perfect condition.

There's also a gathering foot, a roller foot, a bias binder foot, a zipper foot, a rolled hem foot, and an adjustable hemmer foot, which made me emit a high-pitched manic giggle when I recognized it after opening the box. I sort of wish I'd at least made it to my car before opening the box, because I'm pretty sure that a few people actually left the garage sale because I started doing the squealing happy dance in this woman's driveway.

Anyway, I'll post pictures of my beading progress when the effects of the blood loss die down. Until then, the left hand finger puppet hopes that you will live long and prosper. The right hand finger puppet says "kusu o taberu na!" but I'm pretty sure it's talking to me.

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