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They think I'm evil

I finally learned why strangers have been looking at me like I'm a madwoman lately.

I only used to listen to my MP3 player while I was at home, doing housework or sewing, or gardening, or stalking the gophers that have taken up residence on the back lawn. Recently, I've started bringing my MP3 player into town, so I can listen when I'm shopping, or working, or whatever.

I generally listen to audiobooks instead of music, especially in public. I used to listen to music, but I stopped because, unless I am actively concentrating on being still and quiet, I am completely unable to control my singing and dancing.

If there's music, and I either know the words, or can make them up fast enough, I am singing without realizing it. I'm genuinely unaware of the sounds that are coming out of my mouth. It wouldn't be so bad if I could control my volume, but no, if I'm singing, I'm singing in AT LEAST the same volume as my normal speech, and usually louder. And if it's a tune I can dance to, I am also dancing. Well, not just dancing. Dancing and walking, dancing and shopping, dancing and trying to stand still. It's...well, it's a travesty, since I lack both a decent singing voice AND coordination.

Anyway, when I go out in public now, or do anything that requires me to sit still, I listen to audiobooks instead of music. Or at least, I used to.

Yesterday, I was at the gas station, waiting in line to pay for my gas. It was a pretty long lineup, so I plugged my earbuds in and turned on my book, and as the line slowly moved forward, there was a part about a woman tugging her braid. I reached up and gave my own braid a good tug. Then, it described a character doing an evil, sneering laugh.

Unconsciously, I did an evil, sneering laugh. Out loud.

I realized immediately what I'd done. For a second, it was like time froze. The two women in front of me turned their heads very slowly, to look over their shoulders with matching, horrified expressions, and the guy behind the counter stared as though I'd just whipped a Glock from my waistband. I slipped ahead, dropped two twenties on the counter, and ran out of the store, feeling like my face was about to melt off my head.

I guess I have to find a new favorite gas station.



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Blogger Carla Says:

LOL. I am a singer, too, though over the years I have learned to stifle it better.

Blogger Keely Says:

LOL so hard I had to explain why to my DH. I sing along too so I don't tend to listen in public. And I can't sing to save my life - not that I'd know cos I'm tone deaf, lol.

Blogger Marjie Says:

I saw you mentioned by Gaylen, and, I have to say, you're funny! Love your "about me" section! And I never listen to anything in earphones because I'm deaf-o-phobic, but I talk to myself - a lot - and once you get used to the strange looks, they can be a lot of fun!

Blogger Paula Says:

I found your blog via Marjie's and I am still laughing about your trip to the gas station. From this point forward whenever I am in line at the gas station, I'm going to remember this!

Blogger melanie ajumma Says:

That's hilarious!


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