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Craft Rage

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Did I mention my love of garage sales?

I only went to a few this weekend, because I was a little pressed for time, but I made two scores. One, which I haven't taken a picture of yet, is a necklace and earring set which probably contains Real Artificial Rubies, along with a few Real Industrial Grade Diamond Chips, but which is a cheerful bright red, with a few of the little details you normally only see in high-quality jewelery, like security clasps on the earrings and such. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a crow, and I'm unnaturally attracted to shiny things?

Anyway, my ultimate score was this;

It was FREE!!!!! Yes, free. In fact, the lady who gave it to me told me that she'd give me five dollars to get it off her property. I was already sprinting to my car in a very ungainly fashion as the words were coming out of her mouth, though, so obviously I missed out.

Turns out, it's both a lovely, working sewing machine, AND a mystery. When I got it home, I Googled the brand name, Castle, and came up with nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Seriously - until today, I didn't belive that it was possible to acquire an item that doesn't have any information posted about it on the internet, but it appears that my freebie is just such an item.

I'm really curious about it's heritage - it clearly says "Made In Japan",

So it's clearly not a Singer. Question is, what IS it? There's got to be a blog out there that I can get info from; any ideas?

And here's this post's token cat shot;

All this cuteness is going to make me barf. Or buy another cat.



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Blogger Keely Says:

Free is good! Very good! I'd have been running too, lol. Never heard of the brand tho. Have you tried asking on Patternreview?

Blogger Sara Says:

AWESOME SCORE!! I would have been running too! Very cool, and I have never heard of it before, but good for you!
Cute cats!

Blogger Mary Says:

Looks like a Singer 15 clone. There were a million of them under various names. Not much info left on them. Try the Wefixit group on YahooGroups - they can answer just about any SM ID question...Lovely color!


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