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Craft Rage

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I'm serious - I don't like pink!

Is there a scientific term for someone who truly believes she doesn't like a colour, but then buys everyting IN that colour? Honestly! I thought I was clear about my feelings regarding the colour pink. I am not a pink person!

Still, I went to the store to pick up some thread for another project, and left with this:

Honest to Betsy, I didn't buy it because I was in love with it - I bought it because it was cheap, and this is my first foray into sewing a stretch fabric - I have 10 metres of heavy, chocolate brown silk (or very silklike) jersey just waiting to turn into something pretty.

In any case, I'll probably start on this dress later today, if only to purge myself of the pinkness. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Oh, and this has been happening a lot around here. Smooshy is a thief, and she's been aided and abetted by Boobah on more than one occasion. Usually she only steals socks (but only black socks!) but lately, it's been spools of thread, right out of my sewing room. Now she's taken to napping with it, apparently.

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Blogger Kristin Says:

I feel the same way about orange. Hate that color. well, except for the orange swim suit I have, oh, and the orange skirt and matching sweater top, oh, and the giant orange leather handbag I just tried to win at a charity auction! How do those colors sneak by us??

Blogger Sara Says:

I am with you. I do not like the color pink. But purple is horrible. I do not own a single thing that is purple!
Your cats are adorable!


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