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Craft Rage

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Three posts in one day! Woo!

I couldn't wait to start sewing up some of my new fabric, but I wanted to start small. Here's my first effort at an accessory;

This is the Retro Tie Bag, which is a free pattern available from Butterick.

I didn't follow the directions, mostly because I couldn't really understand them, which is probably my fault rather than the fault of whoever wrote the instructions. It was simple enough to figure out my own way, though it probably would have been better if I'd actually followed the directions.

I made this to go along with my walkaway dress - now all I need is a pair of vintage sunglasses and cute shoes, and I've got an outfit!



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Blogger Jenny Says:

Cute bag! I may have to check out that free Butterick pattern too! Not that I want to be too much of a copy cat... =)

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Oh, hey, making a cute bag 'cause someone else made a cute bag isn't copying unless you make the exact same mistakes! I totally recommend this bag - it's actually cuter in person than in the picture!


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