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Yay! Mexico!

I admit it - I let myself get distracted.

I think I may have mentioned my plan to make two wedding dresses - the Pink Abomination is the mock up of one of them. Well, now that it's near completion, I've started on the mock-up of my second dress, the poofy one, by drafting a corset.

Unfortunately, I'll have to post pics later, because I barely have time to write this post now, because my fiance and I are going to Mexico!! I'm pretty freaking excited, because while I've been there before, it was only during driving trips, so I've only ever been to border towns. We're doing this last-minute thing, which means that I have to complete twelve days' worth of work in four days, because I absolutely won't keep clients waiting on their taxes while I jet off on vacation.

We get back on the 14th, and I'll post pictures of the corset and it's construction - it actually worked out surprisingly well, though I need to redraft the bust a bit - it's making "the girls" look kind of square and scary.

Yay! Mexico!


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Blogger jemima bean Says:

well post pics of pretty mexican beaches too when you get back!!! have a good time! I visited Playa del Carmen a couple years ago and it was BEAUTIFUL.


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