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Poor Smooshy!

Well, yesterday, Smooshy was both very hyper and very lethargic, in waves. Finally, last night at about 5:00, I picked her up and put her in her bed in the cat tree, and at 6:30, she woke up and started rubbing her eye. I went and picked her up, and found a lump under her eyelid the size of a small grape.

Obviously, I called the vet and rushed her to the university veterinary hospital, which is the only place in town to get after-hours pet care, and this is what she looked like four hours later;

I'll spare you the details, but the vet said she's "experiencing discomfort", but that she's not in any pain. No, the pain is for me to feel, both in my heart (gah, mushy!), and all over my arms, every eight hours, as I get to hold her down and administer antibacterial goo to both her eyes.

On a positive note, all the other cats quite like the fact that her little kitten teeth are penned in, and that it's harder for her to steal their food. Although, judging by these pictures, she's found a way around the problem.



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Blogger Karen Says:

Poor Smooshy. Been there, done that, as far as the middle-of-the-night university vet hospital, elizabethan collar, pitiful kitty routine. Hard to tell what's the stronger feeling: sympathy for Smooshy, pain at the vet bill, or hilarity at how a cat deals with one of those collars.

Hope you both feel better soon.


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