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Holy Holiday Season, Batman!

Well, I've been the worst blogger ever!

I pretty much went offline for about a month - this holiday season has been particularly hectic, what with work, a sick cat, and general Christmas stress.

Smooshy developed a weird sneeze, and her eyes started to swell up, so I took her in to see the vet. It's just a little upper respiratory infection, common in kittens from barn cats, I'm told, and easy to clear up with a little medication. Plus, it was time for deworming anyway, so I was also given a pill to feed her - I should have taken a picture of the thing -it was as big as her head! Okay, not as big as her head, but it certainly wouldn't fit into her mouth - I had to break it into pieces and feed them to her a bit at a time.

Have you ever tried to feed a pill to a kitten? I liken the experience to cleaning a garberator with your bare hands. A garberator that really wishes you would just leave it alone. I'm scarred for life, but at least Smooshy isn't also Wormy.

She's also a cheap date - we bought our cats all sorts of fun and exciting cat toys, but the thing she liked best was this pink foam bag that my little boom-box came in;

As far as work goes, as I mentioned, I quit my job back in November, to start my own bookkeeping practice. The practice has been doing very well; between clients I picked up from my Dad and the ones I've picked up on my own, I'm working a little more than full time, and I love it! I won't bore you with accounting stories, because yesterday I related my harrowing experience with a bunch of bank reconciliations to a friend, and his eyes glazed over almost instantly, but I will say this; I enjoy working from home.

The best part of working from home, of course, is that my commute is pretty short (from bed to my desk is about 40 feet), and I get to come to work in my jammies. Now if only I could make myself jammies like these, I'd be laughing!

Besides gaining two hours a day of getting ready/commuting time, are other payoffs, too, financial ones - I don't spend money on coffee or lunch anymore, I only gas up my car once every two weeks or so, and I don't stop to go shopping at Fabricland on the way home from work, so my spending is WAY down. I have time to cook meals, rather than eating everything out of freezer bags, and my dishes and laundry get done way more often. There are some sad parts, too, though - I REALLY miss the great people I used to work with, and although we talk on the phone and get together for lunch, I miss out on all the day-to-day laughs that working with "The Mean Team" provided.

At the end of the day, I'm working more, commuting less, and am never more than 50 feet away from my sewing room, but all I seem to have time to do is stare into it longingly, and dream of cutting fabric. Soon, though - by next week, everything should have slowed down enough for me to put together a schedule that includes time in the sewing room!

I also got spoiled rotten for Christmas, and I have to admit, I'm really yearning to play with my new toys. Among other things, I got a new laptop (one of the HUGE ones with a 17" widescreen), a Cuttlebug (embossing machine/die cutter), and this thing, which I'm sure has a name, but all I've been calling it is "the hoop-holder". I got this fancy new beading tool on sale awhile back, but wasn't able to use because it requires two hands just to do the beading. I might try something tonight, because I've been aching to make something sparkly for no purpose.

Which reminds me! The pattern for the walkaway dress that I purchased back in December finally came two days ago - I love getting mail!

Three pattern pieces - I think I can do it! I wonder if I shouldn't try making a crinoline first - I have yards and yards of tulle that I picked up on sale...how hard can it be?



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