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Craft Rage

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A Gift For Me!

Well, I held back from buying the fabric I lusted after yesterday, and rewarded myself with a pattern today!

It's a reproduction of the Butterick 6015 "Walkaway Dress" pattern. I'm a little skeered of it, and I'm all freaked out about what I'm going to make it out of, but I'm really looking forward to giving it a go!
Has anyone out there made this dress? Anyone have any suggestions?



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Anonymous Karen Says:

No, but good luck! Glad 2 c I'm not the only sewing newbie over the age of 30!

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Holy cow, an actual comment! :)

No, you're not the only one at all! I'm realizing more and more that there are a lot of us out there who are just getting our feet wet. As long as I don't lop off any of my fingers in the process, I'll consider it time well spent, even if nothing good ever actually comes of it.

Blogger MadeByAmanda Says:

Do a google search for "Butterick Walk Away Dress" or something similar. I've seen it several places, so you can get pics of the finished project, and some opinions and tips. Or look it up on http://sewing.patternreview.com/, which is a site dedicated to pattern reviews, usually with pics.

Blogger Cidell Says:

I made this dress like 10 years ago. It's really cute and very comfortable. I feel that I should have sewn my size -- which I didn't and that it had a hard time closing at the waist. I think. It's very cute though and everyone will love it.

Blogger Brooke Says:

Better late than never....I have made this dress several times and it is one of my "I have an event to go to TOMORROW and have nothing to wear" patterns.

It goes together pretty easily, is reasonably non-fussy to fit, and is extremely flattering to an hourglass figure. If you have any other questions about it, feel free to drop me a line.

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Thanks so much for your comments, folks! I'm terribly late replying to them because I didn't know how to turn on the notification. I stalk all of y'all's blogs, and really value your comments & suggestions!


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