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Craft Rage

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They're fugly, but I bought 'em anyway!

Okay, so this is very bad. Last weekend, I bought some vintage patterns that weren't my size, this week, I bought some patterns I actually think are hideous. Why would I do such a thing?

Seriously - there are few redeeming qualities to either of these patterns - judge for yourself!

See, I wasn't kidding! That bib collar thing on the one on the left is...blech! And it seems to me that the only person who could do the one on the right any justice at all is a very lanky stick-figure type, which I most assuredly am not.

I can't think of a single good reason for me to have bought these patterns, except that...well...I coveted them. I am covered in sin. And shame. And secret glee!

On the other hand, I also picked this up;

Again, it's the wrong size, but so very cute, outside of the horrible yellowness.

You know, I've never been one of those diety girls - I've gone beyond making peace with my curviness- I actually like it, and think I'm kinda hot. It probably helps that I can still see my feet, and I still have an actual waist, but still, my recent love of vintage patterns has me rethinking my priorities a bit. It seems that all the best vintage patterns only come in a small range of sizes, and those that come in a plus size are...well, they're often of the muu-muu variety. Since, as I mentioned, I think I'm fairly attractive, and I still have a waistline, I really prefer to wear clothing that doesn't look like a gunny sack with a hole for my head.

Would it be weird to drop a few dress sizes because I really want to be able to make and fit into this dress?

(dress can be found at oldpatterns.com).

Oh, and one last thing - Smooshy says hi!



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Blogger Moxie Tonic Says:

Vintage patterns in the wrong size is the only thing that keeps me from a very, very bad habit of frantic pattern purchasing ;)
Those patterns look almost identical to the patterns my mom used to have when I was a kid for Barbie clothes... They actually looked pretty cool on her (Barbie, not my mom)...

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Ohhh, see, I didn't even consider NOT buying them! They were cute, and 69 cents, and somehow, I rationalized that since I don't smoke or drink, I could afford to buy a bunch of stuff I don't need and can't use. *sigh*

I must confess that I didn't feel TOO bad about buying the ones that were cute but in the wrong size, but I DID feel a bit guilty about buying ugly ones in the wrong size. I can see how they'd be cute on Barbie, though!


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