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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


Feeling Ambitious

Okay! Today is the day! I'm going to go and do a quick tidy of the craft room, and then start the Walkaway Dress! I'm both excited AND scared, but what the heck - the worst that can happen is that I do a poor job.

Well, that's not true - the worst that can happen is that I cut off my fingertips with my rotary cutter, then sew my hands to the fabric, and drop my 40 lb. sewing machine onto my feet. But I've always believed that if I take a few minutes to go over "the worst that could happen", it lessens the chances of it actually happening. It takes some of the cosmos' fun out ruining my day - the cosmos likes nothing better than to surprise me horribly - if I'm not going to be suitably surprised, why bother with me?

Damn you, ebay!

It's really not ebay's fault. It's obviously mine. What on earth am I going to use SIX AND A HALF POUNDS OF BUTTONS for? Seriously!



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