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Pink Abomination - Part 1

Every day, I put at least one hour aside to browse through a rather huge number of blogs, 95% of which are sewing blogs. I read all the time about UFO's, or unfinished objects, but when it comes to my own projects, I had to make up a category all of my own for USO's - unstarted objects.

I buy patterns like a demented woman, and have built up a decent stash of fabric and notions of all varieties, but have been absolutely petrified of cutting up a pattern, or, worse, cutting up fabric.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I finally figured out what my problem was - until this point, all I've ever bought was fabric I actually liked. Since I actually liked it, I was scared to cut it out, for fear that I'd ruin it, or waste it. So yesterday, I went to the fabric store, and bought fabric in a color I'd never wear, for any reason.

My fiance and I are getting married in our home town, and we're having our official wedding reception here as well, but the following weekend, we're going to his family's cabin in another province, where we'll have a second party. I figure that since I'm having two receptions, I should have two dresses, and somewhere along the line, I decided that I'd make them myself. Since I have no sewing skills, it was a risky decision, but one I've been pretty happy with.

Last year when I decided to make my own dresses, I bought all the fabric I'd need for both. One is a moderately poofy ball gown with a corset top, and the other is a simple summery dress, this one to be exact, view D;

The fabric I bought last year is two tones of light, silvery green - a bridal lace and a stretch satin.

I actually bought more than double what I need, because my original intent was to make my test dress out of the same fabric as my real dress. But because I actually like what I chose, I was always hesitant to waste any of it, even though I bought extra just for that purpose.

So the fabric I bought yesterday had to be the same fabric, only ugly. This is what I bought;

Yes, that is hot pink stretch satin, and baby pink bridal lace! Heee!

I'm not saying that pink is ugly, but on me, pink is a travesty, a poke in the eye, an abomination of epic proportions. My personality and size are all wrong to wear pink, to say nothing of my coloring. But when I got this stuff home, I ran to the ironing board, ironed and cut out my pattern without giving myself a lot of time to think it over, then started to lay everything out.

I cut the largest size of the pattern, because I figure I can always cut it down, but adding stuff back on really isn't an option, and started sewing everything together. Unfortunately, I am kind of dumb, and didn't realize how slippery stretch satin is, and so I've been hand-sewing every seam for the past two days. Later, I should have everything tacked together, and I'll post a picture of myself in it, just for giggles.

I'm so proud of myself - even if it's pink, at least it's started!

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Blogger cator Says:

I love the unique way you have of looking at this. In painting it's like looking at the blank canvas. The first stroke can ruin it. Maybe focusing on fabric that has meaning to you would help some. J & O Fabric Center has a neat post on color meaning to the individual. It's worth checking out.

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Thanks for the link! You kind of nailed it - I was afraid that the first mistake I made with the fabric I loved might make me too scared to go on!


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