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Shortest Wagon Ride Ever.

Remember my last post? The one where I said I was off buying fabric for awhile? The post I originally put up yesterday, then had to repost this morning due to some spamming issues?

Well, I went to Fabricland to pick up a bunch of patterns I've been ogling, because they're on sale, and somehow, I ended up buying another 10.7m of fabric!!!

In my defence (not that I actually NEED a defence, but...) I truly adore this fabric. It's called Peony Garden, and it first hit the shelves last summer. I happened to be in the store when they got put out, and I was absolutely transfixed - it's the first time a fabric has actually called to me - at that point, I didn't know that fabric could DO that!

You might recognize the red from my walkaway dress, which I hope to finish this week.

Anyway, I circled those two bolts of fabric about ten times, before finally breaking down and buying three metres of each. Remember, at this point, I hadn't sewn so much as a stitch; I was just starting to get ideas. I had no idea whether three metres was even enough to make a garment (I was glad to learn it was, once I finally taught myself how to read the back of a pattern envelope).

Then, about six months later, I saw the fabric again, and even though I had six metres at home, I just felt like I needed another two metres of the red, which was obviously fate, since I needed just that much for the walkaway dress.

Today, when I bought my 10 patterns, I found both fabrics again, on clearance. I bought the last of each bolt. 3.4 metres of the purple, 7.3 metres of the red.

Pros and cons? Well, cons - I've discovered that I have no willpower, but only as it pertains to this fabric - there were a lot of really smashing prints, and while I wanted many of them, I only NEEDED these ones. The pros - that fabric will no longer taunt me, tempt me, make me crazy. I have it all. The colors of both suit me very well, so I'll actually wear what I make from them. Both were very cheap.

Of course, this pushes my stash over the 400m mark. 404.9M, to be exact. I think I'd better go sew something!



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