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Craft Rage

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Stash Surprise


I've been mulling over a reorganization of my fabric storage for the last month or so, but this weekend, I actually decided to get started. I measured, laundered, ironed, and folded my way through my stash.

I thought I had about 200m of fabric on hand. According to my measurements, though, I am sitting at 394.2m of fabric, 176.5 of which is fabric I purchased with my wedding dresses in mind. Of that 176.5, just under 100 is taffeta in a rainbow of colours, which I purchased at an incredibly heavy discount ($1.49/m, down from $21.95/m),but still.

This number doesn't include the amount I've started to work with in the last week or so; a sundress, three skirts, and a walkaway dress, as well as a mock-up of a wedding dress, of which another 9m remains uncut.

I realize that this is nothing at all, compared to some of your stashes, but I am...frankly, I'm both horrified and excited. Horrified that I didn't know how much fabric I had on hand, and excited because I found fabric I'd forgotten I had. Plus, when it comes time to start making up all those formal dresses I bought patterns for last week, it appears that I won't have to buy any fabric, at least.

I think I'm on the "no new fabric until I sew a bunch of my stash" bandwagon for awhile. I don't even have a bit of desire to shop, which is weird, for me. But Butterick and McCall's patterns are on sale this week, so...hey, gotta go!



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