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Some wedding news

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks; I've sewn a corset and a (pink!) sundress, but haven't had time to post about it, because we've had a lot going on. I'll do that in the next few posts, though, I promise!

For the first two weeks of April, Dear Fiance was sick as a dog. I mean, SICK. We've been together for six years, and every year about this time, he picks up some nasty flu virus, but he's one of those gung-ho types who refuses to take a sick day. He'll go to work anyway, and just work on his own so as not to infect anyone else, but come hell or high water, DF does NOT take sick days!

Well, this time around, he missed four days. Bedridden the entire time. There's a fairly bad strain going around our city right now, and all doctors are doing are taking swabs and calling you if it turns out to be strep - other than that, unless you have fluid in your lungs, you're on your own.

Anyway, between nursing him and working, I've had time to sew at night, but no energy to post about it.

As to the title of this post, well, here's the thing; DF and I have been engaged since August 2006. When we got engaged, we had just purchased our first home, and decided on a long engagement, ostensibly to allow time to plan things properly. The thing is, along with not being very crafty, I'm also not much of a party planner. And then we started to do some minor renos around the house, and the wedding fell by the wayside.

The bottom line is, the wedding we were going to have this August remains almost completely unplanned.

When we got back from our trip to Mexico in March, we started idly chatting about putting the wedding off for a year, so that we could finish our renos and get married at home, but we both felt like we've already been waiting so long that neither of us really wanted to make the decision. Then, last week we learned that my future sister in law is pregnant, and her due date is a couple of weeks before our our original wedding date. Decision made!

Our new wedding date is August 15, 2009, and I think I'm actually more excited about this date than I was about our last one. The big reason, I think, is that now we have a firm plan to have the reception at home. Our house is situated on about an acre of grass, backing onto pasture and farmland on two sides.

It's lovely and green, and only really needs a fence and some planning to make it look really pretty. It's more than large enough to host our small, informal (read incredibly casual) gathering. And along with everything else, we're situated about ten minutes away from a Provincial Park that has a lovely lake with a pretty little beach - perfect for pictures!

I love the idea of getting married at home. Of course, there's a lot of work to be done - this summer, we need to put up a fence, do some grading to even the grass out a bit, and put in our second bathroom downstairs, as we've been planning for some time.

Anyway, enough rambling about the wedding. Next post, I'll show you a picture of the wedding dress I've decided to make, as well as tell you my deepest, darkest secret. Cliffhanger!



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