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Craft Rage

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Rebellion for geeks

I had appointments today, but guess what I'm doing right now? Right now, I mean, not right NOW, when I'm writing this - I mean ten minutes from now!

I'm playing hooky! Hookey? Hookie? Whatever - I cancelled my appointments, put on sweats, slathered on a big green spa mask that smells like honey and sulphur, and am preparing to spend the day playing with fabric.

I'm a rebel! Woo hoo!


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Blogger Kristin Says:

woo hoo and good for you!

Your pink dress is coming along fine! Armholes can be annoying when they gather up, but I am sure you will figure it out. I think it looks good now, by the way. I love the way you learn by just jumping in and doing it. Very un-accountant-like, wouldn't you say? The yin to your yang.


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