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Craft Rage

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Because I felt like it

Well, as you can see, a few things have changed around here! I enjoyed my old brown/green combination, but it didn't really say "WOO HOO - SPRING IS FREAKIN' HERE!!", so it was time for some sprucing up.

One question - can any of you see the swirly background that's supposed to be showing along the right and left hand sides of the screen? I can see it when I'm in edit mode, but I can't see it when I check my page. Not a big deal, but kind of a head-scratcher.

**UPDATE** Disregard that question - I fixed it!

I'm not sure which blog I read it on, but somewhere, I came across a tip to use heavy steel bolts as pattern weights. This weekend, I picked up these;

They're super-huge, heavy galvanized steel washers, which work equally well. (The Razr is just there for scale. And yes, it's pink, even though I dislike pink - I was trying to be ironic. I think maybe I'm just in the closet - secretly, I think I love pink. )

There's definitely two sides to these - one, the top, is rounded and fairly smooth. The bottom has a fine grain, but no snags, so it ought to help keep the thing from slipping around too much. I'm not sure if you can make out the detail in the picture...

Anyhoo, I'm all Bloggered out for the day - time to go read my blogroll!



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Blogger Kristin Says:

hey Rachelle, while you are reading your blogroll, can you tell me if you see a tutorial for making skirts for little girls? I found it yesterday and cannot find it again.



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