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Stalker Sewing

Well, for the last few months, I've been hemming and hawing over the fact that once more, swimsuit season is coming, and once more, I hate all the suits I currently have.

I'm a plus-sized gal, but I carry my weight pretty evenly all over my body. Unfortunately, most suits in my size are either styled and built to hide a large tuchus, or prop up a sagging bosom, which means I'm usually swaddled in yards of excess fabric at the bottom, and busting out of the top.

Jenny, over at Chronically Uncool, is creating a retro swimsuit for herself, so I've been stalking her blog for updates on her progress. I'd already decided to do something retro, in this basic shape:

but with ruching at the sides, and wider straps. And, uh, more chest coverage.

This isn't a project I'm starting right away; it's sort of something I'm doing in between other projects, because I'm really set on making my own pattern. At least I've finally chosen some test fabric, which was on sale on Friday. If all goes well, my swimsuit will be made of this material, and if all doesn't go well, at least I didn't spend too much on the "muslin".

Plus, of course, I intend to blogstalk Jenny ruthlessly - not really so I can copy her swimsuit, but 'cause her blog is a good read!



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Blogger Jenny Says:

Perhaps we should think of it as a sew-along, rather than mutual blogstalking, no? =)

Have you already found http://www.patternschool.com/ ? There is plenty of good technical information about making patterns for stretch fabrics there. The "custom" swimsuit patterns (generated based a ton of measurements) didn't work for me, but it's an awesome tool. I'll be following the instructions for drafting my own pattern - at least for the boy-shorts.

Thanks for posting a picture of your fabric. I think it's a good choice!

Blogger Kristin Says:

Love the fabric!! I can't wait to see how the suit progresses. Thanks for sending me over to Jenny's blog, too, that was a fun detour


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