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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


Bear With Me!

So, the pinkness was killing me.

I couldn't even look at my blog, much less post to it. Thusly, over the next little while, you might see my blog go through some kind of wacky changes - as I write this posts, there are little birdies all over the page. Cute, but not me. Now, if they were kittens...

Anyway, just bear with me - I'll make up my mind soon, I'm sure!


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Blogger Princess Caitlin Says:

Hi! I'm just some random girl who stumbled across your blog last week, after googling "walk away dress."

I liked your blog so much, I've visited it again a couple times! So, I'm leaving a comment, because if I don't, I feel like a stalker.

Plus, I thought you might like to know there's a random person out there enjoying your sense of humor. :)

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Yay! Thanks for visiting AND commenting! And it's not stalking unless you're in the bushes outside my window!

Blogger Princess Caitlin Says:

Well, I can assure you, you'll never find me there! LOL

Blogger Kristin Says:

Ok, I like this page set up with the blue and the brown.. tres chic

Blogger Sara Says:

I like the page now. Its beautiful. Absolutely love it!


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