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Craft Rage

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My First Giveaway

I feel a bit awkward about giving stuff away when my blog isn't all that...cool. It feels a little like buying friends. Mind you, it won't be the first time I've done that - my mom put pudding in my lunch, so I was pretty popular in grade school.

Anyway, if you've read any other posts, you'll know that I'm freakishly attracted to garage sales and op-shops, and can never quite resist the lure of vintage patterns and sewing notions. Generally, when you're at a garage sale or second-hand store, you don't have the opportunity to buy only the one item you really want - usually the item you want is combined with a bunch of other items that you don't need.

I'm a greedypants, and have sort of enjoyed amassing my collection of stuff, but now that I'm on the injured list, I've had some time to paw through all my stuff, and have realized that much of it, while perfectly lovely and useful, is of no use to me, or unsuitable in terms of style or size.

Therefore, I've opened a little Etsy store to clear out my vintage patterns and notions. If it's old and I won't use it, it's going to end up for sale there. Hopefully I'll make just enough to cover my garage sale habit.

To celebrate, I'm giving away a few items, to get the ball rolling on the clearout. I have three vintage patterns to give away, as well as a brand new ruffler foot. Today, it's a two-pack of incredibly similar patterns;

Essentially, this is one dress, five necklines, and it's a simple, pretty style. I really like these patterns, but while the style is flattering, it's not flattering on my particular shape. Therefore, they have to go.

If you want these two patterns, leave a comment to get in the draw. I'll draw a name from the first five people who comment before Saturday, and we'll have our winner. Um, if fewer than five people comment by Saturday, then I'll draw from however many comments there are.

I have two other items to give away over the next few days, also; after we have a a winner for this draw, the next draw will be for two larger-sized vintage patterns, in the 18-20 size range. Here's a sneak peek at one of them;

And then next week, I'll be giving away a brand spanking new ruffler foot for a short-shank machine.

This loud, scary item is incredibly easy to use, even if it IS loud and scary. You can make ruffles and attach them to stuff at the same time, though I haven't figured out exactly how, yet. I have four of them - I bought one on purpose, and the others just sort of appeared in among the lots of other stuff I bought from garage sales and such. I don't need four of them, and two of them are brand new - one is still in it's original packaging, even.

Anyway, if you want the two-pack of patterns, comment away!



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Blogger Camilla Says:

Do comments from fat girls who couldn't squeeze a leg into one of those dresses count? There is a woman in Franklin who sews from vintage patterns... I shall promptly redirect her attentions to your Etsy store. And that ruffler looks like it chews fingers, but then again, I am still mortified by the new-to-me serger that landed itself in the shop. I do love looking at your 'finds'. C

Blogger Contessa Kris Says:

Wonderful prizes! I'm adding your giveaway to a post I'm adding to my blog tomorrow.

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Camilla: Oh, for sure your comment counts - I couldn't squeeze a leg into them, either, which is why they have to go! Next week's giveaway patterns are both in sizes a little closer to my own personal reality, which is to say, they're large. Thanks for the recommendation - I've got a lot of work to do to get all the other patterns listed.

My comment, on the other hand, does not count. Obviously. :P

Blogger Rachelle Says:

contessa kris: Yay! Thanks! And thanks for visiting, of course. :)

Blogger gaylen Says:

Rachelle - those patterns are wonderful and I love your blog style. I love the ton you have. I'm not sure I'd fit into those patterns or that they would be good on my body style - but I wouldn't mind trying. Love the darts on the second one!


Blogger MizKatie Says:

This is my first time visiting your blog. Hello!!! :) Nice to "meet" you. I followed a link from collage contessa's blog. It's my first time visiting there too. heh!

I'd love a chance to win one of your patterns. Please add my name to your hat. :)

Blogger Kristin Says:

oh, sorry I missed your give away! I will be visiting your Etsy shop!!

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Hi mizkate & kristin! Welcome! I'm just about to post my next giveaway, and will add your names to that draw, since I'm late with my posting. :)


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