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Too busy to sew

Not too busy to stop by random garage sales, but I haven't done any actual sewing for more than a week, now.

Since my fiance and I decided to get married at home, we have a lot of work to do in terms of making our yard into a place people might actually want to hang out. Our house was built in the early '70's, and essentially, when the builders were gone, the owner just figured "Meh, who needs to landscape?" and let grass grow over the damage the heavy equipment done.

Then, just before selling to us, he'd rented the property to some really awful tenants. As an example, our first Halloween (Oct 2006), we had a HUGE swarm of mothers come to the house along with their kids, hoping to catch a glimpse of the house, to see if we still had a functioning meth lab in the kitchen. I'm not kidding. One lady actually pushed the door all the way open and pushed past me, and said that we'd done a good job erasing evidence of the "crack fire" (her words, I kid you not!).

Questions of the interior of the house aside (seriously - there is still a large 2x4 BOLTED, not screwed, to the wall in the basement, to which a six foot length of chain is also BOLTED. I still call it the torture room)...as I was saying, questions of the interior aside, they were also kind of yard pigs, and when my fiance brought in a bobcat last weekend, he made the discovery that some of the lumps on the lawn were, in fact, garbage bags that had simply been pitched off the front stairs, and allowed to grow over with grass and dirt.

So, our front and back yards are really torn up, and I spent the weekend digging up all the lilac trees I planted last year, to make room for a new fence, as well as putting out some bedding plants, to make the deck look less like a junk sale and more like a place to bbq. Amazing what some petunias will do!

Tomorrow, I have to take Smooshy in to the vet to get her spayed - I've never, EVER had a kitten before - I've only ever rescued/adopted adult cats, so this whole "in heat" thing kind of took me by surprise. I didn't realize that it would happen so soon, or that one small animal could manufacture so much noise. And urine.

Anyway, I'm off to cuddle with her for a little while - after tomorrow, I think it will be awhile before I get any more kitten lovin'.


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Blogger Keely Says:

You'll get cuddles again - after she's given you some really filthy looks and made you pay for a day or so. :)


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