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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


Last Giveaway (well, this week, anyway)

Like last time, I had enough winners that I only needed to roll one die at random.org.

I listed them, again, in the order they entered -

Camilla - 1
Contessa Kris - 2
Miz Katie - 3
Kristin - 4
Queen of the click - 5
Carla - 6

My deepest thanks to all who entered, and those who just commented for the heck of it - I haven't been posting much, or much that's interesting lately, so thanks for hanging in there - I'll be sewing this weekend, and posting about some of my projects, as well, including another update on the Pink Abomination.

In any case, todays winner is;

Kristin! I'll be shooting over to your blog shortly, to let you know!

And finally, as one more time-killing tactic before I am ready to start posting regularly again, and also so I can promote my Etsy store, I offer this item as my final prize. This week, anyway;

This is a brand new ruffler foot for a short-shank sewing machine. It's loud, clanky, and scary surprisingly easy to use. Honestly, scary noise aside, this thing is incredibly fun to play with - the first time I put it on my 50's Viking machine, I made ruffles out of ALL of my scrap fabric. I probably spent two hours gleefully making ruffles knowing that they're not likely to ever be attached to anything.

We're starting fresh, now - nobody is pre-entered. If you want this ruffler foot, leave a comment, stating your desire to make ruffles out of everything you own!



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Blogger MizKatie Says:

okay, so i have a sewing machine, but don't really know how to sew. all you do is attach this foot and you can make ruffles??? cool!! count me in on your drawing. :)

Blogger Mary Says:

Count me in! I *need* to add ruffles to my aprons and I have several vintage machines that nifty foot would fit.

Blogger Shannon Says:

Hey, sign me up for this - I would love to win this foot. Thank you for being so charitable!

Blogger Summerset Says:

Alright. I'm in. I'm not a ruffly person by nature, but I have a daughter who is and I sew for others who are. So, why not?

Blogger Angela Says:

Oh I did not know they had such things....I would love to have this!

Blogger Kelly Says:

Blogger ate my last comment, but I am game too. Please count me in. I would love to win your ruffler foot.


Blogger Contessa Kris Says:

Ohhh, enter me for this! I don't know if it will fit my machine but I 'must' have it. lol Maybe it will fit mom's machine. Heck, I'll find a machine just so I can try it. Thanks for doing all these giveaways. Let me know when you do more and I'll add them to my blog posts.


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