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Another Giveaway

We have a winner in my first ever giveaway! Yay!

Because there were only three entrants who commented before the end of the day on Saturday (I say only, but I'm pretty glad I HAD three comments), I went to random.org and rolled the dice. I assigned each commenter a number from one to three - the first who commented was #1, the last, #3, and then rolled the dice. Here's a screenshot;

Gaylen, you're the lucky winner of the two-pack of patterns! Yay! I'll be popping over to your blog shortly to email you the news!

And now, without further adieu, on to the second giveaway!

It's a very nice feeling, sending patterns out into the universe, maybe to give them another chance to be lovely. I'm also a giant, grasping pattern Scrooge, and will make aggravated duck noises when I go to drop them in the mail. These two patterns, in particular, are hard to let go of - they're in a size close to what I might actually be able to wear in a few months. And they're cute. And they have all their pieces.

Though I adore the look of both patterns, I know I'll never make either of them. The first is SO pretty (and the model in version A is wearing my hair), but seams that run straight up and down the front of my body just don't suit me. And the second one, while exactly the shape I tend to look best in, has a collar, which doesn't suit me OR my meagre sewing skills.

So I'm setting them free, in hopes that someone else might make something of them, one day. Or at least that I'll have room to acquire two more vintage patterns that I WILL attempt to make.

The two entrants who did NOT win my first giveaway; Camilla and Contessa Kris, are automatically entered in the draw for these two patterns. In addition, the two other commentors who missed the Saturday deadline, Miz Katie and Kristin are also entered.

If you'd like a chance to win these two patterns, leave a comment! All comments received by midnight Thursday will be entered to win, and on Friday, I'll post the winner, and put the ruffler foot up for giveaway!



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Blogger Contessa Kris Says:

Thanks for entering me in the giveaway again. Just checking back in to say hello and have a wonderful week!

Blogger MizKatie Says:

Oooh, I didn't know I missed the first one. I guess I should have read it closer. duh! Thanks for entering me again. This is fun. :)

Blogger queenoftheclick Says:

Wow a pattern that is actually in my size!!! Usually patterns are for size 8 or 10.

Please enter me.

Blogger Jenny Says:

Wow, I love McCall's 8749! It will be perfect for a new summer work dress, which I desperately need. Thanks for inspiring a(nother) quixotic search for a vintage pattern. Please don't consider me for the drawing, because the heartache of adjusting a too-big-in-the-top half-size pattern is too much for me right now, with all the swimsuit pattern drafting I'm doing right now.

I'm off to query the mighty Google for 8749. Wish me luck!

Blogger Carla Says:

What wonderful patterns! The first you listed looks very much like a dress I wore to a Seniors' Graduation Party in 1968. Mine was aqua, I think. Mother made it for me and decorated it with four rhinestone buttons on the bodice. I guess that was one of the few times I really felt "right" when I went out.

Blogger Sara Says:

I just want to say that I think your blog is cool and I'm sorry, I don't sew clothes, so you don't have to enter me in the giveaway!


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