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Cat In A Box

Just figured I'd give you a quick update on the deaf kitten.

The name Dinger seems to be sticking, but he isn't very responsive to it, since, you know, he's deaf and all. Still, he's learned that when all the cats leap up and run to the kitchen at once, it means someone's opening a can of cat food - what else does he really need to know?

The Hotness and I went out and spent a stupid amount of time and money purchasing just the right cat toys, only to come home and find Dinger playing in a discarded box.

I bought a bunch of belting supplies at a garage sale on the weekend, and immediately emptied my new treasures into the drawer I keep belting supplies in, and tossed the box in my craft room garbage can. I guess Dinger fished it out and dragged it into the hallway, because when I got home from work yesterday, this is where I found him sleeping;


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Blogger Summerset Says:

Awww . . what a cute little kitty!

Blogger Marjie Says:

Dinger is just adorable! He's growing into his ears, and filling out; yes, he can feel the love in your house, even if he doesn't hear it!


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