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Help! What needle should I be using?

I've been tacking together the taffeta version of my wedding dress muslin, but have run into a problem that's driving me NUTS.

I bought Microfibre needles and Microtex needles, and have tried both, but no matter what I do, I'm getting some pretty serious railroading in my taffeta. Since The Hotness has the camera at work today, I had to borrow a picture from the internet to explain what I mean, in case "railroaded" isn't the correct term.

See how the stitches have created little pulls in the fabric? I understand WHY this is happening, but I don't know what to do to fix it. I've tried ball-point needles, sharps, skinny ones, fat ones, and nothing is working.

Can anyone tell me what the right kind/size of needle to use to machine-sew taffeta?

It's a medium-weight polyester taffeta, prewashed and with a very soft hand.

I know it's just a muslin, so I'm not terribly worried about fixing the problem on THIS garment, but the fabric for my actual dress may end up being taffeta, so...please save me from a nervous breakdown!

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Blogger The Slapdash Sewist Says:

If the sharp/microtex needle isn't working I am no help. Those are my secret weapon.

Blogger Summerset Says:

Hmm. Usually a brand new thin needle (higher number) usually works. When I get snags like that it is because the needle is blunt, snagged, etc. Also check your tension and type of thread - you might want a thinner thread, too.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hi, to reinforce what Sumerset said, I remember reading on a forum the recommendation to use a size 8 microtex needle and use fine thread, embroidery thread even. OllieV


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