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Craft Rage

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I can't even show you pictures

Remember Boobah, the cat with the head wound, and who also lost part of his tail to an unfortunate wind-related accident?

Well, since then, the original head wound has healed, and he's given himself a new one on the other side of his head. Also, last week, the vet amputated part of his tail, because...well, I don't remember what the actual term was, but essentially, he had a teeny fraction of exposed bone at the tip of his tail, and rather than healing around it, his flesh was just creeping upwards, so they had to lop off about a half-inch of tail and pull the remaining flesh down around it and stitch it.

Poor, miserable cat. He's in a supersized head-cone, which The Hotness and I refer to as his "helmet". Unfortunately, we've begun referring to the entire cat that way, as in, "Where's The Helmet?" "Oh, he's crashed out on top of the washing machine." I say again, poor, miserable cat.

I started my corset for my wedding dress, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, baked two loaves of bread from scratch, (my first time EVER), and caught up on the laundry.

And I didn't take pictures of anything at all.

Anyway, I'm off to wash Boobah's face, since he can't do it himself. Poor, miserable cat.


This story reinforces my desire to make my own wedding dresses, rather than be at the mercy of the folks at wedding boutiques.


I lied - maybe ONE picture.



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Blogger Juliet Says:

You know I read that story about the wedding boutique, and I felt they needed a slap upside the head. How dare they change someone's order without her permission and then expect that to be okay? And who cares if the dress was "right for her size"? Tia is a grown-up and can make her own decisions. People are allowed to wear what they want. There is no fashion police even though I do know of some people who'd love to get that job ;-)
People place too much importance on being thin. As a former thin person I would say that it doesn't make people like you better, you don't get special treatment, awards, or discounts on purchases over $30.

I'm done ranting for now. I hope your kitty is doing okay.


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