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Craft Rage

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I ate the turkey. All of the turkey.

I didn't get any blogging OR sewing done this Thanksgiving weekend, because my Mom made a surprise visit.

She and her boyfriend live about six hours west of here, but she popped up on Thursday, with the idea of cooking a big turkey dinner on Sunday. Now, since The Hotness loves turkey more than life itself, and the only turkey I make these days generally gets cooked in the microwave, this was great news! We took a trip to the grocery store, picked up what we needed, and headed back home.

As an aside, my Mom is a man-magnet. Wherever we go, whatever we're doing, someone ALWAYS tries to pick up my mom. And not only, like, dirty bums, either, but good-looking, well-dressed, age-appropriate men. Currently, she's attracting Silver Foxes, which is what I call hot old dudes - I personally wouldn't necessarily want to see them with their shirt off, but they have a certain je ne sais quois. Like Richard Gere or Tim Gunn. This has happened for as long as I can remember, and happens pretty much any time we go out in public.

So just like the Days Of Yore (aka my childhood), I stood by, shifting from foot to foot, sighing loudly and rolling my eyes while the Silver Fox asked my Mom's advice on what size turkey a single man should cook, how a single man should cook it, whether a single man should make stuffing, and if so, what kind.

He asked her to help him pick out a turkey, which she did, then asked him where to find ingredients to stuff it with, which she did, before finally seeing where this was going, and excusing herself with a grin and a wave, leaving him perfectly charmed. I know "perfectly charmed" when I see it, because it's the same expression The Hotness gets when he's outside feeding the birds, and manages to entice one of them to land on his finger and look at him sideways for a moment before flitting away.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the turkey. It was awesome, and now it's all gone! Except for the two pounds of turkey I have to package up and freeze. I love my FoodSaver. You know, there's really not a lot to say about a turkey dinner. I didn't realize that before I started this post. Sorry to have taken up your time!

If it helps, while we were waiting for the bird to unthaw, Mom and I also did a bit of wedding planning, which I'll post about tomorrow.

Hey, can I get your opinion?

I was thinking of buying everyone their bridesmaid dress, and taking them for a manicure/spa day, the day before the wedding, instead of doing the traditional bridesmaid gift. I've received such gifts in the past, and honestly, though I love the picture frames and bracelets, and other odds and ends I've personally gotten, I'm 35, and so is my whole group of bridesmaids; none of us needs another picture frame or glittery piece of color-matched wedding jewelery. Is it tacky to replace the traditional bridesmaid gift by paying for the dress and the spa day, or is this a perfectly acceptable replacement?

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Blogger Cathy Says:

I think buying the dress and then taking them out to a spa day! Gawsh..all I got was a $3 gift bag from the dollar store.
I paid $400 for the shower, $80 for a wedding gift and $200 for a dress, $120 for a hotel room. And I got a $3 gift bag and asked to help pay for the wedding decorations. And not one thank you note. let's just say...it's been ten months and I just do not care anymore...

Blogger Juliet Says:

My third and last time as a bridesmaid was in August. The bride bought the material and we had to pay for the dress to be made, for hair, and for make-up. I attended 5-6 dress fittings over a period of Saturdays. I am a pro with make-up, I used to have a make-up fetish, especially with stage make-up and period make-up, so that wasn't an issue. I was told that to get the updo it would cost $80. I thought $80 was ridiculous for a hairstyle and said so, so the bride graciously allowed me to do my hair. All week I practiced putting my hair in a French Twist, with excellent results, but did it work the day of the wedding? No. I washed my hair, as the internet suggested and it was a bad suggestion. I flat ironed my shoulder-length hair and wore the sparkly bobby pin I always wear. Later I found out that the hairstyles ran upwards of $30, and I wanted to shake my fist at the sky.
Offering to buy the dresses is excellent.

The day before the wedding the bride and the bridesmaids (6 of us) went to the spa for manis and pedis. We brought some wine and had our toes and nails done and it was awesome. We had a good time hanging out together and chatting. So yeah, I fully recommend the spa day as a bridesmaid gift.

I also once received a spacious, beautiful, and fancy Persian in-laid wooden jewelery box. It set the standard, in a way, because the next wedding i was in I got a glittery necklace to wear with the bridesmaid dress. It's a gorgeous necklace, don't get me wrong, but the jewelery box and the spa time are more meaningful to me and of my friendship with those women than the necklace. I don't want to rag on anyone who's given away a necklace, you know, I'm just sayin'.

Blogger Jenny Says:

Nobody needs more clutter. Stick with your plan, and take photos of the day with your friends!

Blogger Kelly Says:

Your idea sounds wonderful! I with Jenny.



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