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We did it on purpose

This wasn't an accident. Or a whim.

The Hotness has talked about it for six and a half years. He's dreamed about it. He's spent countless hours looking at dog breed websites, making lists about what kind of dog he might want to get, what personality traits are important, what kind of activities he might want to do with a dog.

So we didn't just wake up yesterday morning and say "Let's go get a dog." But that's what we did.

Meet She Who Remains Nameless.

She's a registered, purebred, silver-factored black lab. She spent the night snoring peacefully in The Hotness' arms. I spent the night wide awake, nosed and clawed and purred at by four slightly put-out cats who couldn't figure out why this interloper was taking up their spot on the other side of the bed.



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Blogger camillaknits Says:

Congrats on the new 'baby'! She is beautiful. Our choc. lab is a moose, but I remember the tiny days when I could hold her in one arm. Also, the day she first darted under a kitchen chair and nearly knocked herself out was funny, too. The cat totally baited her into it... he could see she'd gotten 'taller'.
And thanks for your wonderful comments. I like you, too. Cami

Blogger Cathy Says:

We had a larger sized cat door that led outside when we first got my dog Sadie. The funny thing was that one day she just "out grew it" and the funny thing was that she was chasing the cat out the door and all of a sudden woosh...she got her head thru...and nothing else. I laughed for two hours after I saw her try to go through that door and not make it :)

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Cami: I LOVE chocolate labs; I tried to talk Hotness into getting one of those, but he really had his heart set on a black lab. Anyway, she's going to be big, too; her mom is 60lbs, and her dad is 85lbs. She's supposed to take after her mom, but her paws are already HUGE.

As for the comments, well, I didn't want to cause trouble or anything, but it just surprised me to see how angry those first two commenters were. A dissenting opinion, civilly expressed and backed up by your name is WAY more likely to influence an opinion than a scathing anonymous flame.

Cathy: LMAO!!!!!!!! I got a great mental picture from your description!

Blogger gaylen Says:

Oh what a precious baby! I can't wait to see what she gets named. Yes I'm sure the cats will tease her horribly. g


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