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A week, gone

This past week has been a bit of a mess; last Tuesday, I flew out to visit my Mom, mostly to see her new place, which is great, but also, to do some exploratory wedding shopping.

I live near a good-sized city, but it has very few wedding shops, and those that are here all carry the same dresses, the same invitations, all that stuff. So I figured that if Mom and I did a surgical strike on the phone book in Edmonton, we'd be able to spend a few days filling out some of the vague ideas floating around in my head.

She has a bunch of extra vacation days she needs to burn off before Jan 1, so she took Wednesday and Thursday off to drive me around and give me her motherly input, which I greatly appreciated. Her taste and mine differ greatly (GREATLY) when it comes to fashion, so a couple years ago, when I showed her a few dresses I liked, she was kind of horrified, and said that she thought they looked like draperies that just fell off the rods.

Apparently two years of mulling it over has given her a slightly different opinion, because at every wedding store we went into, she pointed to that same style of dress and exclaimed how wonderful it looked.

At any rate, in all our searching, we did NOT find anything but garden variety a-line dresses, which I found pretty disappointing. And on top of it, we also found some incredibly poor service, which kind of put us both off.

On the other hand, I found a store in Edmonton that sells the most amazing bridal lace, and in fact, if some other woman hadn't beaten me to it, I probably would have left the store with a bunch of gold re-embroidered lace priced at $139.00 per metre. That would have made it my largest ever impulse-buy, so it's probably for the best that the woman bought the last eight metres for her own dress. At least now I know where to go when the time comes for the real dress.

Before I went on my trip, I bought The Hotness the newest version of Socom, a game for Playstation 3, which I find difficult to explain. Essentially, it's an online babysitting service for adult males. He can entertain himself for hours, and I can clean the house, or sew, or set the house ablaze and dance around it dressed like a clown; he won't notice until the TV starts to burn. The thing is, it's also kind of fun to watch, so I didn't actually get anything done this weekend, but I think I'm over the initial shiny newness of the game, and am ready to start taking advantage of the free time!

I realize that all this wedding talk isn't very entertaining. Hence, I will be piecing together the test skirt tonight, and should be posting pictures tomorrow. Wish me luck!



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Blogger Kristin Says:

"online baby sitting for adult males" cracking me up!


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