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Craft Rage

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More vintage patterns

You'd think after all the patterns I've dragged home from garage sales, I'd start to get a bit ho-hum about the whole experience. Apparently, not so much. I had to restrain myself from doing the happy dance on some lady's lawn when I found a box of vintage patterns.

The lady sewed for herself, her three daughters, and all her friends, so there are patterns in a variety of sizes, right from size 10 teen to size 23 1/2 woman. Most are from the 50's and early 60's. There are a few from the '70's, which really isn't my favorite style period, but for the most part, they're still patterns I think are interesting, and a few are actually items I'd sew for myself, which I don't often say about '70's styles.

Here are a few of my favorites;

I'm starting to think it's time to do another giveaway, because once again, my collection has now overflowed the two dressers I bought solely for the purpose of storing it. Stay tuned!



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Blogger Keely Says:

LOL, I'll make sure to drop you a line if my mother ever gets rid of her pattern stash - visualise at least 4 banana boxes (may be more) full of patterns from her and some of her mothers as well. All eras. ;)

Blogger Mrs. G. Says:

Looking at these patterns, I think I was born at the wrong time. I love all the dresses.

Blogger Juliet Says:

There are a profound lack of daily-wear dresses in fashion today. Sure there are dresses, but it's hard to find one that you could wear to work in a school. The evening wear dresses are gorgeous; I need something that covers my chest if it is going to be of any use to me. I found a beautiful vintage dress (made recently from an old pattern such as yours) in a friend's clothing store and it fit perfectly. It was $150, I just couldn't afford it. I nearly cried. I've been looking for a day-wear dress for ages. I need to learn to sew my own clothes.

If you ever wanted an extra part time income, there may be a market for that type of dressmaking. It sounds like you have loads of patterns.

My favourite is the neckline in the second pattern, dress #2. I am baffled by the dress that comes with a overcoat-waist thingy. I like it, but I'm baffled.

Blogger gaylen Says:

OMG I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong era too! I love those dress. It is, however, comforting to see that even I was born then I would still be a size huge! g

Blogger Swistle Says:

ZOMG SO COOL. These make me want to learn to SEW.

Blogger Kristy Says:

oooh I have that first Simplicity pattern and have been itching to make it, just lacking inspiration for appropriate fabric/embellishment options. I can't wait to see what you come up with - I'm sure it will be great


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