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My very first "Dogs On Thursday"

The Hotness is SMITTEN.

She who once was nameless, has now been tentatively named "Misty". As a silver-factored lab, apparently there's a possibility that when she grows up, her guard coat will grow some silver hairs.

I'm not sure if naming a dog based on a possibility of what she might look like in a few months is the best idea, but Misty is an easy name to say, and sounds different enough from all of the cat names so as not to cause confusion.

All the animals are getting along surprisingly well; Dinger, the deaf kitten, has been a real ice breaker. He's either not smart enough to be scared, or else nearly being eaten by coyotes starving to death has made him largely immune to regular fear. So, they've pretty much been best buds since Misty walked in the door.

She's hard to photograph, because she doesn't sit still very long.

She spent the day at work with The Hotness yesterday, which is where she is today, and where she'll probably be during the week for the rest of her doggy life, or at least until it gets cold. Apparently his employer has a fairly open "bring your dog to work" policy, which I think is pretty great, since I'm now working ALL OF THE TIME, and can't be home during the day to care for her.

All day with The Hotness. Lucky dog!



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Blogger gaylen Says:

Misty is a very lucky dog indeed. Welcome to the world where people are owned by dogs :) g

Blogger Marjie Says:

What an adorable pup! Welcome to Dogs on Thursday, where Gaylen and I hang out, a lot!

Blogger Sara Says:

Awww, just too cute!

Blogger Cha Cha Says:

What a gorgeous pup! Congratulations! As for the kitten ... my horribly abused / almost died / lived on the street dog has no fear of anything, either. Including me, when I pretend that I'm the alpha.

Thank you for your kind words over at my blog - they really help. And thanks for introducing yourself - I'll be back!


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