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Craft Rage

...Making a mess of things since 1973


A short one

In our beginning, there was The Hotness. And The Hotness said "Let there be cats." And the cats said "Meow," and life was good.

And time passed, and the wheel of time turned, and The Hotness spoke again, and said "Let there be dog." And the dog said "I like to chew electrical cords," and life was messy, but also very good.

And between the new dog and a new job, I am overwhelmed. I've been sewing a little, and hope to have something to show for it soon, but mostly, I am trying to find time to sleep and clean my extraordinarily messy house.

My new job is for a church-based non-profit that runs affordable housing in a nearby city. I LOVE it. I've worked for non-profit organizations before, but this is something completely different; this place has soul, and is chock-full of unpretentious goodness.

Not the kind of goodness that feels forced and a little grating, but just solid, homely, "Hey, Rachelle, have these shoes on your first day of work!" goodness.

No kidding, my very first day, my office mate was playing Cinderella with a pair of lovely little brown leather kitten heels, trying to find someone whose feet fit them; her sister is a costume designer, and these were bought for a play but never worn. They magically fit my feet, and now I have a part-time job I love, AND some wicked cute shoes!

At any rate, more posts to follow; the ball-skirt is done, as is most of the drop-waisted skirt. I have only to finish the mock-up of the corset, and then I can post pictures of me trying everything on.

For now, this will have to hold you. This is what I found on the living room couch while The Hotness was "watching football".


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Blogger Sewfast Says:

Great pictures of the pets...does your dog really have lavender colored eyes? Matches the skirt! Thanks for sharing. Mary

Blogger Paula Says:

Your posts always leave me in a better, happier, more jovial mood than when I arrived. This one was no exception! My favorite part is your opening paragraph, "In the beginning ... Meow." Man, I'm still laughing. You do realize that, from this point on and forever more, whenever I hear the original Bible passage, I'm going to be thinking of this. I just know I'm going to say "meow" instead of "amen". Congrats on your new job. Sounds like a good place to spend the majority of your awake hours!

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Thanks for the comments! Sorry I'm so slow to post lately; it's just been so crazy. I have a good one for tomorrow, though!

Mary: No, her eyes are brown, so I think that was some doggie red-eye, but when I tried to remove it, she looked like a mad dog, so I left it.

Paula: I'm so glad! Posting always leaves ME in a better mood, too! Sorry about ruining your prayer! The new job is GREAT; I kind of can't wait to go to work every morning!

Blogger camillaknits Says:

girl, leave me a note with your mailing info over at camillaknitsATgmailDOTcom and I'll send you a proper beginning to a yarn stash... wool-free, even. Latah, crafty momma! *mwah* C

Blogger Cha Cha Says:

That is some serious cuteness. I'm always a sucka for dog pics.


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