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Craft Rage

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Ad now I hab a code

The Hotness has become The Hot Male Version Of Typhoid Mary, and has succeeded in infecting me with a vicious sinus cold.

It occurs to me that describing my symptoms might be oversharing just a little, so I'll spare you that, at least, but honestly, how can one human body manufacture this much slime?

At any rate, I'm back to work (and have I mentioned that I love my job? I have? Well, good!). I'm working like a crazy person, and I also still haven't unpacked all of our combined Christmas presents, so all the other wonderful stuff I planned to blog about is still in suitcases.

I will say, though, that The Hotness did an exceptionally good job with his Christmas shopping this year; he always does pretty well, but this year he actually got creative with my list and bought according to themes, instead of just what was on my list.

Normally, he Christmas shops for me by hounding me for a Christmas list for two months, and when I finally give it to him, he gives it back to me and tells me to write down where to find everything on the list, and how much it all is. When I've done the research, I give him the list back and he goes shopping. The accountant in me LOVES this, because I know he's paying the best possible prices, but I have to admit, it's not terribly romantic.

This year, I gave him just the list of items and told him to be creative, and darned if he didn't do that! I asked for a new set of pots and pans, and he came across with the stainless steel Rachel Ray set, AND a couple of matching non-stick pans and a dutch oven type thingie, and some matching utensils, AND the Big Orange Cookbook.

I'm a HUGE fan of Rachel Ray as a chef; I love watching 30 Minute Meals, and I've actually tried many of her 30 minute recipes, though honestly, it only takes 30 minutes if you know exactly what you're doing, and if your kitchen is clean to start off with. :)

On the other hand, I'd rather poke at my eyeballs with a sharp stick than watch her talk show. Seriously. I'm not sure why.

For those of you out there who might be laughing about the possible lack of romance in asking for pots and pans for Christmas, you have to understand how much I love to cook, and how difficult it is to cook a decent meal with what I had before.

My entire kitchen set consisted of one HUGE stock pot, sized to fit both a turkey carcass AND two small children, the Ikea KAVALKAD set of three pots, priced at $9.99, the largest of which was the perfect size for a cereal bowl on a hungry morning, and a pink non-stick frying pan I bought at Wal-Mart two years ago.

Now that I have pots big enough to make soup, I've been doing so with a vengance; baked potato soup, chicken lemon rice soup, and a few of my other favorites. I'd post some pictures but my kitchen is actually too messy to photograph right now, but as soon as I get that sorted out, I'll do that. And I can do that because in addition to my other as-yet-unmentioned gifts, The Hotness also bought me a new camera.

And not JUST a new camera, but a Canon EOS 450D / Digital Rebel XSi!!!!! Eeeeee!

I cannot even express my joy; I've always been interested in photography, and while I've loved my point-and shoot cameras, I've always secretly yearned for a really good camera with a couple of lens options. This baby will do everything I could possibly want, once I finally learn to use it.

Now if only my house was clean enough to take pictures in! Maybe if I ask Mrs. G, she'll let me borrow one of her husbands to come over and whip my home into shape!!


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Blogger Summerset Says:

Great gifts! I hope you get better soon so that you can enjoy them so more.

Blogger cidell Says:

You got a DSLR!!! Lucky, lucky you! I too loved 30 minute meals but do not care for her TV show. Not a bit. Or her dunkin donuts commericals.

Blogger Paula Says:

Well, I for one find all your gifts to be romantic! How great that he got you a full set of pots and pans, plus that gorgeous camera. I've got to tell you though, that I'm a cookbook-aholic, so c/b just put it over the top for me! You got your pots just in time to make some get well soon soup! Happy New Year!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hope your "code" is better soon!
I totally understand wanting cookware for Christmas. I ask for and got my Cuisinart stand mixer w/800 watts of power and 12 speeds, plus the food processor attatchment. I also love to cook and I've wanted to get into bread baking but can't do the kneading because of shoulder issues. No excuses now!
You will love working with the new cookware.


Blogger Mrs. G. Says:

Girl, you scored this holiday season! I'll loan you a husband when you're not cooking. But not the manny. He's, well, for the children.

Blogger Rachelle Says:

Summerset: Thanks! I can't WAIT to get back to playing with all my stuff!

Cidell: Oh, yeah, the donut commercials. Zoiks!

Paula: I hear you on the love of cookbooks; in two years we'll be doing a fairly major kitchen reno, and I've already planned shelving specifically for my collection!

Debbie: A woman after my own heart! Those diamond commercials that make it seem that ALL women only want jewelery for Christmas are So. Very. Wrong. I yearn for a Cuisinart of my very own, some day!

Mrs. G: I totally understand; the children should not be separated from the manny. Just send whoever looks best in a french maid outfit...erm... I mean, whoever is the most capable of cleaning a toilet.


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