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Happy New Year

It's been an incredibly busy Christmas season, but we came through it rather well, and all of us (the cats, the dog, The Hotness, and myself) got spoiled quite rotten.

The last month or so has been a pretty bad one for blogging. Most of this is because The Hotness is home a lot these days, and it's hard to maintain a "secret" blog when he's around, because he's wicked curious. I guess there's no real reason for me to keep it a "secret" - it's not like I ever say anything on the blog that would make him feel exposed or disappointed; heck, y'all don't even know his name!

Still, I don't know - I don't have a circle of girlfriends or anything like that, so this kind of feels like my social outlet.

Wow. Pathetic, party of one!

At any rate, starting this week, I'll be back to my normal three or four posts a week; I'd love to promise daily posts, but a dirty lie is no way to start the new year!

I have all sorts of great gifts I'll probably mention in upcoming posts, but my favorite was actually one I gave to The Hotness.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, The Hotness got a dog a few months back. The dog, whose name was up in the air for a few weeks and is now named Pepper, is going to be a bird dog when she grows up, or so The Hotness believes.

Since she still
can't figure out what the word duck
means, I worry that he's setting his sights a little high, but who knows!

At any rate, one of the gifts I bought him for Christmas is the Retreiv-R-Trainer, which is a thingy that launches bird-shaped or vaguely bird-esque dummies into the air so that you can train your dog to hear the gunshot and look for the falling bird.
It looks like this;

So essentially, you slide a fake duck on the silver part, then pull down at the bottom and let go, and it fires a blank 22 shell. The gas expansion fires the fake duck way up in to the air, and the dog is supposed to see it fall and go after it.

Pepper does not understand this. She hears the shot, and doesn't flinch or bark or anything, but she just CANNOT connect the idea that if a shot is fired, a duck will fall from the sky.

Anyway, my kind Brother In Law actually picked this up for me at a gun dog shop in Manitoba, and wrapped it and brought it to the cabin for family Christmas. During the shopping phase, he and I had this brief email exchange;

I got this launcher. The guy at SIR recommended it. He has one. You can get all kinds of other attachments for it, including one that you can use to brace against your leg so that when you shoot, it doesn't hurt your hand.


YOU ARE MY FREAKING HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is AWESOME, and PERFECT! Thank you so much, BIL - I REALLY appreciate all the work you did tracking this down!!! The Hotness is going to be over the moon!

(a few days later):
I found the attachment for the launcher, the
one you can use to shoot off your leg.

Clearly, he is referring to his earlier email. I, however, did NOT put two and two together.

This is the response I sent.

Me: Hmm.
I think The Hotness needs both his legs. Maybe we won't get the leg-shooting-off attachment for a few years.

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Blogger Summerset Says:

Hmm. I know the feeling about the blog - my husband has recently started to read mine and it can be awkward. I just wanted a space to write about sewing and get feedback from people who get it. You know?

LOL about the dog! Pepper is cute, though. Look at those puppy dog eyes!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Thanks for the laugh. Sounds like something I would say! Pepper's really cute.


Blogger Keely Says:

Had to giggle at the shooting off leg exchange.
I agree, it is kinda strange when DH reads my blog - almost like he's peeking into my private world. Luckily my DH isn't that interested in sewing-related stuff. The nosy teenagers in my house on the other hand....

Blogger Sara Says:

Sounds like you had a great holiday season. And I also would have not put the previous email with the later email about the leg attachment thinging. HOpe you have a blessed New Year!

Blogger Juliet Says:

Too funny about secret blogs. My fiance recently began one on the theme of him losing the belly he grew last year. When I asked if i could see it he said "no' and was serious. But, I guess I'll see any results firsthand.

I don't have much of a social outlet either. Most of my cool friends moved away and the ones here apparently have developed behavioural issues. So blog away! I have a blog which I haven't posted to in months, but as soon as my fiance explains how he has stored all my photos on our newer computer I'll post some stuff and send the link.



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