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Sick Day


I love a good sick day, but I surely do hate actually being sick.

So, we had a bit of family drama yesterday; Pepper, The Hotness, and I, came home from work in the city. The Hotness went to my office to google something, while I stayed in the kitchen and started dinner. After a few minutes, Dinger came running into the kitchen with Pepper hot on his heels, and when I looked down, I was startled to see Dinger covered in blood.

I didn't get a picture, but I'm ashamed to admit that my second instinct was to run and get my camera. My first instinct, however, was a bit more noble; I "rescued" Dinger from the awful dog.

Two things you must know; one is that Pepper is Dinger's best friend. They spend hours playing and napping together. The other is that Dinger has grown from the emaciated kitten he was when I picked him up,

into some kind of hybrid between a cat, a rabbit, and a badger. He's a rumbly, purring, fluffy, solid mass of claws and teeth.

He's not large in size, but his mass has grown so much that I wonder if he might not collapse in on himself and create a black hole which will suck all the other animals into it. If I suddenly disappear from the blogosphere, you may assume that Dinger's belly has reached critical mass, and our whole house has been sucked off the map. Picking him up is very much like picking up a furry, squirming bowling ball, and not just a little five-pin ball, but a hefty, fuzzy, 10-pin ball.

Anyway, my point is that Dinger can take care of himself, and he and Pepper really get along. So much that sometimes I wonder what their offspring would look like. It's disturbing.

Back to the story; Dinger, covered in blood.

I've typed out the whole story twice now, but both times, it was just a bunch of blah blah blah, so long story short, nobody was hurt; Pepper lost her first tooth, and then went and licked Dinger.

The Hotness immediately took Pepper off to give her a bubble bath and lots of tummy rubs, and I sat down with Dinger and wiped the blood off his fur, while the other cats looked on with envy in their eyes, so I ended up wiping EVERYONE down with warm, damp paper towels, and dinner was an hour late. The end.

Except it wasn't really the end. Neither The Hotness nor I will admit it, but we are both looking for that lost tooth. Since I'm having a sick day, I think perhaps I'll go and have another look. Wish me luck!



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Blogger Summerset Says:

Wow - he's grown a lot! Such a beautiful animal. Good luck on finding that tooth.

Blogger Karen Says:

Who knew that such a pitiful kitten could turn into such a gorgeous cat? Dinger looks like such a sweetie, though showing up covered in blood probably gave you a few gray hairs.


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