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Craft Rage

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Holy Macaroni!

Karen, from Sewing By The Seat of My Pants, has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award, and I'm both excited and kind of embarrassed.

Excited because this is my first award, and embarrassed because I've been a bit lax in my posting.

It's a little like being chosen, say, Miss USA, but then having the camera and spotlight turn on you just as you're reaching into your dress to adjust your cleavage.

At any rate, thanks so much, Karen, for your continued faith in my ability to NOT sew my fingers together!

Part of this award, as you know, is nominating five others. I have a large number of blogs in my Google Reader list, all of which you can see on the right hand side of my page. I'm exceptionally pleased to be able to pass this award along!

Camilla, from CamillaKnits, because she makes ME want to knit, even though I'm perfectly terrible at it. Plus, I yearn to shop at Clementines!

Kristin, from Quiltilicious, because her quilts are amazing, but her sewing studio purely takes my breath away!

Barbara, from MoxieTonic, because I love her style. And that Flamingo dress!

Gigi, from Behind The Seams, because I can't stop staring at her gorgeous knit dresses.

And finally, Erin, from A Dress A Day, for many, many reasons, but mostly because of the Darth Vader Duro.

Thanks for the nomination, Karen!



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Blogger Kristin Says:

Congratulations and I SO love your blog as well.

Humbly curtsying (yet not bowing too deep to expose the girls) for being nominated by you! How sweet you are.


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