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Craft Rage

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Back in the game

It's been a difficult two years; several deaths in the family, some serious illness (not my own), and a lot of other family stuff has kept me from sewing.  But with the advent of spring, and with most of the bad stuff behind me, I'm starting to feel it.  "It."  My sewing mojo, back and in full swing.

To celebrate its return, I went ahead and bought myself this;
Oh, Mr. P, let's make a knit dress together!

My very own Pfaff coverlock 3.0. 

I'm proud to say that during my hiatus, I didn't buy so much as a single scrap of fabric, though I really wanted to; more than once, I found myself in a fabric store, fingering fabric and thinking about the possibilities.  I'm know for certain that I'm not the only sewist out there who feels a real sense of comfort from their stash, but I may be the only one with a 600 metre stash, who has yet to complete even one single wearable garment.

Well, that's untrue; I did make myself a knit top three years ago, which I still wear.  It has unfinished edges, and I have to wear it backwards because I cut the front too low, and when I wear it the right way, my bra shows.

It's time to up my game.  Here's to me making a shirt I can wear the right way around!  Wish me luck!


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