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Two Dog Night

So, last post, I mentioned that I'd found a skirt pattern from what looks like the mid to late 40's and that I was going to try making it.

I made some pretty good progress, though lacking instructions, I'm having some trouble with figuring out how the pockets fit together. Unfortunately, the skirt is far too small for me, so even if it's a success, I'll still have nothing to show for it, except some pictures.

Even more unfortunately, one of the dogs got sick, and has been going through the cycle of poop/eat poop/vomit partly digested poop.  This is apparently because they changed the formula of the puppy food he was on, so I need to find some old bags of food to mix with the new food.  I called the pet store and they have what I need, so the problem will be solved later today, but still...

But wait, ONE of the dogs?  Last time I blogged regularly, we had only one dog, Pepper.  Now, we also have Comet, AKA our little Christmas Miracle, AKA the Accidental Dog, AKA the Poo Eater.

How did this happen?  Well, we got in the truck to go to see my husband's family for Christmas, and about ten minutes into the trip, we were like "What the heck is that smell?"  Turns out, it was Pepper.  Like the old saying says, you never know how stinky your dog is until you put it in the truck with you.  If that's not an actual old saying, it should be. 

Anyway, as we drove, I called a groomer in the city we expected to be passing through in a couple of hours, and asked if they could do a rush job on a dog wash.  They said sure, bring her in.  It was, no word of a lie, a place called Vinny's House of Pets.  If Tony Soprano had a cousin who liked kitties, this is the kind of place he'd own.

Anyway, they took Pepper in for a bath, and The Hotness and I decided to wander around the store while we waited.  Big mistake.  We went down the aisle with the cages, and I was all "Um, let's not look, okay?"  and the Hotness was all "Oooh, look, a puppy!"

Long story short, the guy told us that the puppy was a rescue, and that we could have him for free if we bought a bag of puppy food.  I went to sit in the truck to protest the idea of getting a second dog, and also to hide my "I want that puppy" face, and The Hotness came out with the dog, stuck it in my arms, and off we went.

Before this, I don't think he'd ever set foot on the ground outdoors.  The first time I put him down in the snow to pee, he looked at me like "seriously, lady, what the heck is this white stuff?"

There was much puppy-related Christmas drama (unsurprising) but the end result is that I secretly love this dog.  He's stupid looking, and really needy, but OMG, I just want to stick him in my shirt and carry him around with his head poking out of the headhole, so we're cheek to cheek, 24/7. 


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Blogger The Slapdash Sewist Says:

Aw, what a cute story. He looks happy to have a family.

Blogger Kelly Says:

Rachelle! So happy to have you back blogging.. I have missed you... I really enjoyed reading your posts and your funny stories really got me through some very tough times! Thank you! Thank you very much. What a cute dog! Sorry to hear he is not well. I hope he gets better soon.



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